The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds desert map Miramar is out on test servers, so let’s watch some gameplay

If you won’t be at your PC in the next few days to try out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Miramar desert map for yourself, or if you don’t feel like downloading the test build, perhaps a healthy dose of footage will do the trick.

PUBG’s highly-anticipated new map, Miramar, went live on test servers earlier this morning. Developer PUBG Corp also pushed out a patch to ensure your limited time with the map will be very exciting.

Miramar is the only map available on test servers, so everyone is playing it. Between trying out the new weapons, new vehicles and and exploring the different regions – many of which were confirmed in the official reveal earlier this week – players will have lots to look forward to.

We’ve not had time to play ourselves, but we’ve scoured the internet for a few decent videos that show off the map, and the new toys. Some of the videos feature commentary, but that’s to be expected.

The first video from Xaszin starts right at the top by taking a quick tour of the new and improved lobby and UI, before jumping in. We get a look at the new Win94 rifle, the six-shot revolver, and the sawed-off shotgun (which goes in the pistol slot).

This one sees YouTuber Stephen Price try out a little bit of everything, including the new vehicles. This one is an edited live commentary, but he keeps it short and to the point.

The running theme in these videos is how open sight lines are, you can see a great many things parachuting down or standing on the roof of a tall building. The hills and ridges in Erangel make it hard to spot enemies at a distance, whereas Miramar appears more flat by comparison. The scale of it doesn’t hit until you actually land.

This next one is of John Miller actually getting the chicken dinner, and it must feel good. The video inadvertently highlights some of the nice camping spots in the new map, and you can definitely tell players aren’t used to the new building layouts. Lots of fumbling and backtracking going on.

It’s also a bit easier to see enemies, because of the pale background. Player gear stands out a bit more here compared to the shadowy forests of Erangel.

There’s no commentary in this one, so you can enjoy the ambience.

In the first of two testing rounds, Miramar will be available until Monday, December 11. The next phase should start the same week, seeing as PUBG comes out of Early Access the week after.

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