Новый Boom Box от Fortnite разрушает здания

Fortnite’s latest update added a destructive new item.

The Boom Box made its way to Fortnite on Sunday in the 7.10 content update. Available in Fortnite’s battle royale mode, the Boom Box basically makes it impossible to build.

Throwing it at player-created structures completely destroys them. With every blast of music, the Boom Box will continue to destroy newly built walls. The Boom Box is also available as a consumable item in Fortnite Creative.

In addition to the new item, battle royale players got to enjoy many returning LTMs, and a few new ones. Epic Games has been rotating the big-team modes every two days, and the smaller ones every 24 hours.

If you played the game on New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably have witnessed the massive disco ball dance off. The ball dropped in all battle royale matches, forcing everyone to dance for a few seconds.

Save the World players have the Pain Train assault rifle to look forward to, and the Tree of Light sword.

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