Sitting Bull emote peeking is already a thing in Black Ops 4 Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode has been available for less than a day, and players have already discovered a potentially game-breaking exploit.

The launch version of Blackout included several enhancements and new features not found in the beta. One of these is the ability to use emotes, spray art on walls, and shout some basic voice commands.

They’re mostly pretty nice, harmless additions until players discovered this exploit. The premise is simple: because triggering an emote pulls the camera out to third-person, it allows you to look behind cover and survey your surrounding, like the big camping cheater you are.

Blackout is, of course, a first-person mode exclusively, so having this third-person advantage is massive. There is one, in particular, the Sitting Bull emote, that players used behind cover to stay out of harm’s way while being able to track their opponents.

The animation is short enough and doesn’t feature a lot of movement, making it even harder to detect. It also doesn’t repeat or switch back to a neutral stance when it ends. So, as you can see in Reddit user Sleeper‘s videos below, it’s broken.

Here’s our starting tips for Blackout, as well as our complete Black Ops 4 guide.

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