Goku Ultra Instinct поставляется с Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 2 на следующей неделе

Goku Ultra Instinct объявлен как новый персонаж для Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Более подробная информация о сценарии Бесконечной истории, включенном в Extra Pack 2 для Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, была анонсирована вместе с новым инстинктом Goku Ultra. Goku Ultra Instinct — последняя и самая мощная форма Сон Гоку, которая [….]

Monster Hunter World update 1.05 исправляет ошибку Packation Pack, сетевые проблемы

A new Monster Hunter World patch has been released on PS4, and Xbox One. The new Monster Hunter World update, version 1.05 on PS4, on Xbox One, brings a number of network-related fixes. First, the bug that prevented some players from getting the free Celebration Item Pack has now been fixed. As a result, […]

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Крепкий простоя расширился до масштабов бэкэнд-систем и разрешил проблему с базой данных

Fornite servers went offline nine hours ago to apply the latest update, and it’s still offline. Epic Games took Fortnite offline in the early morning hours to upgraded to 2.3, and downtime has been extended multiple times since. According to Epic, the team is working to scale its backend systems in order to resolve a […]

Minecraft продала более 144 миллионов копий и имеет 75 миллионов активных пользователей в месяц

There are 74 million folks playing Minecraft on a monthly basis. As of December 2017, Minecraft has over 75 million monthly active users and has sold over 144 million copies across all platforms. Microsoft plans on keeping the player base happy while attracting new players to Minecraft through the new Aquatic update coming this spring, […]

Two Point Hospital — сим-игра в творчестве разработчиков тематической больницы

Theme Hospital fans will be interested in this news. We are at least. Two Point Hospital, a sim game inspired by and developed by creators of Theme Hospital, is set to arrive on Steam later this year. The team at Two Point Studios working on the game is made up of former Bullfrog, Lionhead and […]

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