Посмотрите вперед: что ожидать от Vainglory в январе и феврале

  Vainglory’s next two updates will usher in a new era, with the release of 5V5 Early Access and the public worldwide release in milestone Update 3.0. But there are other large changes coming to Vainglory as well, including a UI revamp, an account level cap increase, an entirely overhauled skins system and changes to skins pricing. Here is an information megapack on what to expect in the coming months. … UPDATE 2.12 & MILESTONE 3.0 PLANS Please note that Vainglory does not control the app approval process and timing, and we also always reserve the right to push back…

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5V5 «Король горы» объявлен: SEA против Кореи против NA

The global unveiling of Vainglory 5V5 at the World Championship in Singapore just got that much more special. The first teams to set foot live on 5V5 in a competitive setting will be representing their respective regions in a “King of the Hill”-style tournament. First, Southeast Asia, represented by a powerful Renegades 5-man roster, will battle Korea’s world champion Rox Armada. The winning region will move on to face North America, represented by TSM. Since Team Solomid has four players at Worlds, they will be joined in a reunion match by their original super-sub: ShinKaigan. It will be a throwback…

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2017 Расписание чемпионата мира по волейболу

Soon, Vainglory will crown the world champion. From Dec. 14-17, the world’s 12 best teams will compete for the highest honor in Vainglory Esports at the prominent Kallang Theatre in Singapore. This homecoming event will serve as the culmination of the competitive year in Vainglory, as well as the global unveiling of Vainglory 5V5 with two exhibition matches. Can Rox Armada keep their claim to the throne, or will a new region rise up and take the world championship title home? Watch all the matches live on twitch.tv/vainglory, facebook.com/vainglorygame and youtube.com/vainglory. EVENT SCHEDULE   DAY 1 — MATCHES START AT…

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