Самые захватывающие игры 2018 года

As we lay 2017 to rest, let us remember all of the wonderful games that flickered across our screens and occupied our hearts and minds. But now we must promise never to think of them again because times have changed. This is 2018 and if we’ve learned one thing from the few hours we’ve spent […]

Все стены должны падать, добавляет ежедневные проблемы противников, искажающих время

It’s been a busy two months for German nightclub tactical time-travel/cyber-thriller All Walls Must Fall. Since we last reported on the promising Early Access tactics game, it has received two major updates, the first of which added daily challenge missions – a good fit, given the improvisational, quickfire nature of the game – but the […]

14 лучших игр для мобильных телефонов на ПК

Metroidvania — это, пожалуй, один из самых сложных жанров. С его самого названия происходит от объединения двух действительно совершенно разных игровых серий Nintendo — ndash; Metroid и Castlevania & ndash; все, что квалифицируется, всегда обсуждается. Следовательно, мы подозреваем, что это может быть один из наиболее противоречивых списков, когда [& hellip;]

Первый трейлер Beholder 2 показывает экстренную документацию

Beholder was an interactive morality play not entirely dissimilar to Papers, Please about living the life of a prying landlord in a world where access to information can decide who lives and who dies. The sequel promises an interesting new angle on the scenario, putting you in the shoes of a minor government official with […]

Max Майя: Симулятор Cat может быть не самым аутентичным в истории

As the owner/chosen human/minion of two twitchy felines, I’m fairly certain that at least 80% of the things shown in the trailer for Max & Maya: Cat Simulator are factually inaccurate, though I wish that wasn’t the case. The idea of cat civilization rising to fill the power vacuum in the event of a zombie […]

Важность возвращения домой в Assassin’s Creed Origins

Sometimes it’s good to go back to where you came from in open world games. When the content is the world, travelling through it can often feel like you’re gobbling it up, every virtual kilometre a chunk of media you’ve greedily consumed rather than occupied. But they rarely give you much reason for retracing your […]