WW2 стрелок Батальон 1944 попадает в Steam Ранний доступ в следующем месяце

The anticipated indie WW2 shooter, Battalion 1944, has finally been given a proper release date. Just before the end of the year, Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead revealed that the game had been pushed to 2018, and reduced its price. Today, Bulkhead and Square Enix Collective have announced that Battalion 1944 will be available on Steam […]

PlayStation доминирует в консольном трафике Pornhub в 2017 году, а Nintendo 3DS находит свою нишу

Pornhub has revealed the top consoles when it comes to browsing the site’s content. As part of the site’s annual year-in-review, Pornhub shared data about the biggest traffic drivers – as far as game consoles – in 2017. PlayStation dominated the majority of traffic, representing 56%. Xbox, on the other hand, dropped by 6% since […]

UFC 3 roster – every confirmed fighter coming to EA UFC 3

Now that EA has revealed the whole UFC 3 roster and ratings, it’s time to jump in and see how this year’s crop of fighters stack up. Ahead of UFC 3’s release on February 2, 2018, more than 260 competitors have been confirmed to appear in the game, all with fully updated fighting attributes. Some […]

Pokemon Go перестанет работать на старых iPhone и iPad

In February, Pokemon Go will cease support for Apple devices that run iOS versions older than 11. Pokemon Go developer Niantic announced this relatively big change earlier today, confirming that iPhones as recent as iPhone 5 and 5c models won’t be able to play the game following the next update. The update is scheduled for […]

Фан-сайт Monster Hunter World призван связывать ветеранов серии с новичками

If you’ve been following coverage for Monster Hunter World without having played any of the earlier games, things will look no doubt very complicated. Although it’s seen massive success in Japan, the Monster Hunter series has always been a niche RPG in the West. Monster Hunter World aims to change that, of course, in more […]

Twitch заплатил более 90 миллионов долларов за эксклюзивные права на распространение лиги Overwatch

Video game streaming platform Twitch has paid more than $90 million for the exclusive rights to show the first two years of the Overwatch League, according to Sports Business Daily. This is thought to be the biggest esports distribution deal ever, representing a higher annual figure than the $300 million BamTech paid Riot Games in […]

Последний патч Overwatch полон исправлений ошибок, опередив начало Лиги Overwatch

The Overwatch patch that brought all those Overwatch League skins also came with a host of fixes. The update was released yesterday for Overwatch players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Though the addition of the many Overwatch League skins is by far the most interesting, the patch is actually relatively big. You won’t find […]

Homefront: революция — самая большая, но и наименее популярная игра в новом Humble Bundle

This Humble Bundle has some great games, and also a bit of a rubbish one. The new Humble Bundle is called Hope for Orphans; the default charity this time helps kids with no parents to get on in life after they’re tipped out of state systems at 18, usually with nowhere to go and no […]

Судьба 2: Bungie подтверждает событие, посвященное связям с Valentine Crimson Days, вернувшееся в этом году

Destiny 2 players can look forward to a little romance in February. Destiny 2 will play host to Crimson Days, a Valentine’s Day themed event last seen at its debut in 2016. The event was one of the first led by Destiny’s Live Team, and came under criticism, failing to return in 2017. As part […]

Free Hero Rotation (9 января): Попробуйте Лорелай, Крепость, Альфа и многое другое!

Each week six heroes are temporarily unlocked for play in Casual and Private games. Try this set of heroes today!   LORELAI (CAPTAIN) Hero info & lore VaingloryFire guides Lorelai is a hero who controls the flow of teamfights with her heroic perk, That’s Swell. Lorelai can be flexed into any role, but she’s best played as a backline support and will struggle against quick, hard engages.   FORTRESS (CAPTAIN) Hero info & lore VaingloryFire guides This Halcyon Well guardian is a snarling, frightening sight in the jungle. He stalks prey, closes in with teammates, flanks targets and creates challenging, multi-front confrontations.…

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