Pokemon Go Gen 4: Sinnoh region Pokemon List, new evolutions and beyond

Generation 4 of Pokemon Go is here- meaning that Pokemon from the Sinnoh region (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) are now appearing in the wild.

This is great news for Pokemon Go trainers, as with the ability to now capture Celebi offered widely many top Pokemon Go players are nearing the end of the third generation of creatures. Gen 4 offers up 107 new Pokemon – which will be the second-largest amount of new creatures added to the hugely popular mobile game since its 2016 debut.

Gen 4 of Pokemon Go brings with it some real gems, all of which made their debut in the Sinnoh Region in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl titles for Nintendo DS. Many of these new Pokemon are actually evolved versions of Pokemon that already existed in Pokemon Go – including new Eevee Evolutions, Baby Pokemon and new forms. On top of that there are nine legendary Pokemon and five mythical Pokemon – meaning there’s plenty of new fodder for Pokemon Go’s field research and special research missions and EX Raid battles over the coming year.

Alongside all these all-new additions, expect balance changes that’ll adjust our Pokemon Go Tier List and other shifts in response to the newcomers. The Pokemon Go Egg Hatching chart will surely change, for instance, as new potential gen 4 egg hatches are added and old hatches are finally phased out. Gen 4 doesn’t bring any new Pokemon types with it, but it does introduce new type combinations that’ll play into the type strengths and weaknesses chart for battle.

Which Gen 4 Pokemon are in Pokemon Go so far?

While Pokemon from the Sinnoh region are now arriving in the world of Pokemon Go, that doesn’t mean all of Gen 4’s Pokemon are hitting the game at once. Instead, as always with Pokemon Go, Gen 4 is rolling out in stages. That means over time more and more Gen 4 Pokemon will appear in Pokemon Go – and as of now (18 October 2018), there are 26 total Sinnoh region Pokemon available out in the world of Pokemon Go.

Here, we’re going to list that 26 so you know who they are – then if you want more information on them, you can view them in the full Pokedex of Gen 4 Pokemon below – just keep scrolling! Keep in mind that these Pokemon can be caught in a variety of ways – some in the wild with Pokeballs, some by hatching eggs, some via raids. In this list, evolutionary lines are listed together.

  • Turtwig (#387) > Grotle (#388) > Torterra (#389)
  • Chimchar (#390) > Monferno (#391) > Infernape (#392)
  • Piplup (#393) > Prinplup (#394) > Empoleon (#395)
  • Starly (#396) > Staravia (#397) > Staraptor (#398)
  • Bidoof (#399) > Bibarel (#400)
  • Kricketot (#401) > Kricketune (#402)
  • Shinx (#403) > Luxio (#404) > Luxray (#405)
  • Pachirisu (#417)
  • Chatot (#441)
  • Buneary (#427) > Lopunny (#428)
  • Riolu (#447) > Lucario (#448)
  • Carnivine (#455)

Pokemon Go Gen 4: Sinnoh Region Pokemon Evolutions from previous games

A large number of the newly-added Pokemon in Pokemon Go generation 4 are those who are being added to existing evolution lines in the game – meaning they’ll evolve from previously obtainable Gen 1, 2 and 3 Pokemon so long as you have enough candy. Here’s the new Pokemon Evolutions for Pokemon Go Gen 4, plus their types and what familiar creatures they evolve from.

Pokemon Picture Type Previous Forms
Magnezone Electric / Steel Magnemite > Magneton
Lickilicky Normal Lickitung
Tangrowth Grass Tangela
Rhyperior Ground / Rock Rhyhorn > Rhydon
Electvire Electric Elekid > Electabuzz
Magmortar Fire Magby > Magmar
Leafeon Grass New Eevee Evolution
Glaceon Ice New Eevee Evolution
Mismagius Ghost Misdreavus
Ambipom Normal Aipom
Honchkrow Dark / Flying Murkrow
Weavile Dark / Ice Sneasel
Togekiss Fairy / Flying Togepi > Togetic
Yanmega Bug / Flying Yanma
Gliscor Ground / Flying Gilgar
Mamoswine Ice / Ground Swinub > Piloswine
Porygon-Z Normal Porygon > Porygon2
Roserade Grass / Poison Budew (also new) > Roselia
Gallade Psychic / Fighting Ralts > Kirlia
Probopass Rock / Steel Nosepass
Dusknoir Ghost Duskull > Dusclops
Froslass Ice / Ghost Snorunt

Baby Pokemon new to Pokemon Go Gen 4

As well as the above evolutions, there’s also some earlier forms added to a select few families of Pokemon. These new baby Pokemon join the evolution line listed next to them in the table below, and they’ll very likely begin to hatch out of short distance eggs once gen 4 lands.

Pokemon Picture Type Evolutions
Mime Jr Psychic / Fairy Mr Mime
Happiny Normal Chansey > Blissey
Munchlax Normal Snorlax
Bonsly Rock Sudowoodo
Mantyke Water / Flying Mantine
Budew Grass / Poison Roselia > Roserade (also new)
Chingling Psychic Chimecho

All-new Sinnoh Region Pokemon for Gen 4

These are the most exciting of the bunch – here’s the all-new Pokemon and Pokedex additions for Pokemon Go gen 4. These are all-new beasts in all-new evolutionary lines, and will be appearing in the wild…

1st Evolution   2nd Evolution   3rd Evolution Type
> Grotle
> Torterra
Grass / Ground
> Monferno
> Infernape
Fire / Fighting
> Prinplup
> Empoleon
Water / Steel
> Staravia
> Staraptor
Normal / Flying
> Bibarel
Normal / Water
> Kricketune
> Luxio
> Luxray
> Rampardos
> Bastiodon
Rock / Steel
> Wormadam
> Mothim
Bug / Flying
> Vespiquen
Bug / Flying
> Floatzel
> Cherrim
> Gastrodon
Water / Ground
> Drifblim
Ghost / Flying
> Lopunny
> Purugly
> Skuntank
Poison / Dark
> Bronzong
Steel / Psychic
Normal / Flying
Ghost / Dark
> Gabite
> Garchomp
Dragon / Ground
> Lucario
Fighting / Steel
> Hippowdon

> Drapion
Poison / Dark
> Toxicroak
Poison / Fighting
> Lumineon
> Abomasnow

Legendary & Mythical Pokemon from Sinnoh added in Gen 4

You’re not likely to see these Pokemon out in the wild, but a slew of legendary and Mythical Pokemon were also added in Gen 4, and thus will now be slated to hit Pokemon Go…

Pokemon Image Type
Uxie Psychic
Mesprit Psychic
Azelf Psychic
Dialga Steel / Dragon
Palkia Water / Dragon
Heatran Fire / Steel
Regigigas Normal
Cresselia Psychic
Phione Water
Manaphy Water
Darkrai Dark
Arceus Normal
Giratina Dragon / Ghost
Shaymin Grass

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