Is Gal Metal the best game about heavy metal drumming schoolgirls ever, or is it just the only one?

DMM Games has released two new trailers for the upcoming Nintendo Switch rhythm game Gal Metal, featuring moshing and Japanese schoolgirls in equal measure.

No, it’s not a Babymetal tie-in game.

The first teaser looks to be more of a traditional trailer, showing a mix of in-engine gameplay and manga-styled visuals, whereas the second video is more of an input tutorial for the game’s central drumming mechanic.

Proceedings revolve around the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, which the player uses as drumsticks. The right-hand Joy-Con seems to be mapped to the bass drum, with the left-hand Joy-Con hitting the tom toms, while waving both at once hits the cymbals.

Beats look to be arranged into named phrases which you can combo together. “Harlot” and “Battery” make appearances over the two trailers, along with the audaciously titled “EnterSand”. Surely they could’ve chosen a less famously litigious metal band to pay homage to?

Gal Metal does seem to have the backing of some big players in the music industry though, with Yamaha and Roland featuring prominently on the instruments played in-game.

Gal Metal is currently set to release on the Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2018.

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