Pokemon Go Community Day event start time and event rewards: shiny Totodile, fast egg hatching, exclusive move

The next Pokemon Go Community Day event takes on January 12, and this time it’s the turn of water-type starter Totodile to be the focus of the event and its rewards.

Another month, another Pokemon Go Community Day. As we enter a new year the January 2019 community day is back to the traditional community day format – that is to say a focus on one Pokemon and its evolutions, with associated rewards to match.

The focus this time is water-type Pokemon Totodile, who can evolve into Croconaw and Feraligatr. As the names suggest, this Generation 2 era starter Pokemon is basically a crocodile – or at least is a little crocodile-like. There’s also a range of community day bonuses and rewards in January – and we’ll explain all those in detail below. But first, a quick community day primer for the newcomers…

How does the Pokemon Go Community Day event work?

Put simply, Pokemon Go Community Day Events do what you’d likely expect from their name – they’re designed to get players out and about into the world, preferably interacting and hanging out together in locations that are rife with Pokestops like parks and other public places. These events are time-limited to encourage trainers to head out on the same day and at the same day on a Pokemon hunting mission.

As part of this, players are rewarded for their participation. Usually, community day events are built around a specific Pokemon, allowing players to catch more of that Pokemon and in a shiny form. On top of that, regular bonuses include exclusive moves for the featured Pokemon, increased EXP, Stardust and Lure duration, bonus loot like stardust and incubators, and even bonuses like fast-hatching eggs for the duration of the event.

Pokemon Go January Community Day Date, Start Time and End Time

The next Pokemon Go community day is for January 2019, and it’s the 13th community day we’ve had overall. The event kicks off on January 12 – that’s a Saturday, meaning most people should be able to easily free themselves up from life commitments in order to get out into the wild to spin Pokesotps and catch Pokemon for the community day period.

As always, the community event is a limited-time event – it’ll run for a simple three-hour period on the chosen day. Exactly when that is will depend on where you are in the world. Here’s the full community day dates and times:

  • January Community Day Times in the UK: 10am – 1pm GMT
  • January Community Day Times in Mainland Europe and Africa: 11am – 2pm CET
  • January Community Day Times in North America: 11am – 2pm Pacific / 2pm – 5pm Eastern
  • January Community Day Times in Asia Pacific: Jan 13, 12pm – 3pm JST

During these hours the community day will be active, in turn allowing for certain bonus rewards that make participating in the day worthwhile.

Pokemon Go Community Day Rewards for January: Shiny Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr, fast egg hatching, exclusive moves & more

If you’ve been familiar with past Pokemon Go Community Day events, the January Community Day will feel very familiar. It’s focused on one Pokemon species, increasing the spawn rates of that breed of Pokemon, making them more easily available with certain powerful moves or in shiny forms.

As mentioned above, the main reason to take part in this community day is to catch a bunch of the featured Pokemon – this time around Totodile – and then find one with half-decent stats and evolve or power it up to build a formidable Pokemon. In this instance that’s evolving into Croconaw and the Feraligatr. There are some other rewards, however:

  • Shiny Pokemon: spawn rates will be increased for Totodile, including in its shiny form. Catch lots of them, and you’ll be sure to eventually encounter a shiny Totodile – maybe a few.
  • Fast Egg Hatching: during the event hours, egg hatching distance is reduced to a quarter of what it usually is. That means eggs will hatch 4 times as quickly!
  • Exclusive Move: Totodile caught in during the event will have access to an exclusive move in battle. We don’t know what this move is yet – but once we find out we’ll update this page.
  • 3-Hour Lures: if you drop a Lure on a Pokestop, it’ll last for 3 hours instead of 30 minutes. This means any lure dropped during the event will last the full duration of the event hours.

While Totodile and its evolutions don’t quite make it onto our tier list of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Croconaw and Feraligatr both fit in the same sort of category as many other starter Pokemon – they make for great, mid-tier battlers when powered up from key Pokemon types. Totodile is a raw water type, as are its evolutions – but Feraligatr has some decent stats that mean if you have a water-type based hole in your Pokemon battle type coverage, this event could be something of a lifesaver for you.

Pokemon Go Community Day History: past events

Ninatic Labs held the first Community Day event in January with Pikachu. It’s continued since then:

  • January 2018: Pikachu (with Surf)
  • February 2018: Dratini (with Draco Meteor)
  • March 2018: Bulbasaur (with Frenzy Plant)
  • April 2018: Mareep (with Dragon Pulse)
  • May 2018: Charmander (with Blast Burn)
  • June 2018: Larvitar (with Smack Down)
  • July 2018: Squirtle (with Hydro Cannon)
  • August 2018: Eevee (with Last Resort)
  • September 2018: Chikorita (with Frenzy Plant)
  • October 2018: Beldum (with Meteor Mash)
  • November 2018: Cyndaquil (with Blast Burn)
  • December 2018: best of 2018

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