Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition обзор: обновленный, расширенный и, наконец, обязательный

Updated and expanded, Street Fighter is fully fighting fit again – and the result is a must-play title. Back in 2016 I wrote that Street Fighter 5 could’ve been perfect if it didn’t lack single-player content. Two years later and Capcom is back with a new and more complete version of the game, allowing SF5 […]

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition просматривает обзор, все оценки

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition not only brings big updates to existing owners, it’s also a new retail version for those yet to jump in. For these reasons, and considering how significant the changes are, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition feels more like the yearly Destiny expansions and is definitely worth revisiting for a review. […]

Street Fighter 5 Missions Guide: how to complete every weekly mission

Decipher the cryptic clues and complete Street Fighter 5’s missions for fight money. Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is out now, and with the release of the new expansion to the game the developers at Capcom have tightened up the rules for earning fight money. One of the best ways to earn is still in, […]

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Street Fighter 5 Fight Money guide: все миссии, дополнительная битва, шлифовка EXP и другие советы по зарабатыванию FM

Earning Street Fighter 5’s fight money will let you get new characters, stages and more – plus you can now wager it in extra battle. You’re going to need to save up. As it enters its third year and the launch of Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, Capcom’s flagship fighting game has an enormous amount […]

Настройки меню означают Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition позволяет вам сражаться быстрее, чем его предшественник

As well as extra content, Arcade Edition’s tweaked menus cut down on the waiting between matches. While Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is mostly being touted for how it’s a version of SF5 that now has the content that the otherwise excellent game sorely lacked at launch, it’s also making some nice quality-of-life changes to […]

Последние новинки патчей Street Fighter 5 показывают окончательные изменения в Arcade Edition

It’s almost time for Street Fighter 5’s big upgrade. It’s just a few days now until Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition launches for PC and PS4, and to celebrate the fact Capcom has finally released the full and final patch notes for this new version of the game, leaving current players scrambling to learn just […]

Puzzle Fighter strategy: tips and tricks for battle in the iOS and Android release

When the time comes to take your Puzzle Fighting skills online, you need to be ready to up your game. While taking folk on over the internet isn’t exactly the same as standing next to them in a sweaty arcade, Puzzle Fighter for mobile on iOS and Android is a pretty great version of the […]

Puzzle Fighter Mobile Guide для новичков: список персонажей и разблокировки и как победить

One of the truest arcade classics has arrived on mobile – and Puzzle Fighter is just about perfect for iOS and Android devices. It’s still as deep as ever, mind. While it’s not quite the console-based Puzzle Fighter revival I’ve been wishing for, the unique combination of brawling and color-matching puzzle action makes Puzzle Fighter […]

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition получает режим Team Versus — приходите посмотреть, как некоторые бойцы WWE показывают это

There’s new content coming to Street Fighter 5’s upcoming Arcade Edition update, and to accompany that announcement, here’s a video of some large men yelling a lot (and playing it, of course). In Team Versus mode, which launches alongside the January 16 Arcade Edition update, players can form teams of up to five members each […]

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is coming next year with 12 games

Just like practically every Capcom-related announcement, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that leaked well ahead of time is real. The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection was popping up on retailer websites since as far as back as September, but Capcom has now officially announced it. The collection includes 12 games with “arcade-perfect balancing.” It’s […]