Перед «Звездными войнами»: Battlefront 2, инди-разработчик поставил космическую боевую игру «Звездные войны» в EA

Double Damage, the indie team behind Rebel Galaxy, had at one point pitched EA on a modern take on the classic X-Wing game. The studio created a short video in 2016 as way of showing EA what a space combat game in the Star Wars universe could look like. Double Damage obviously had experience in […]

Этот настраиваемый контроллер PS3 от Star Wars занял 70 часов, и, да, это — голова Люка Скайуокера, торчащая из него

Look at this crazy custom-built Star Wars controller. Just look at it. “Hyper Build #2” is the second collaboration between XQ Gaming and artist Enrico “Berta” Bertagnoli, and features custom lighting and sound effects. The controller “took around 70+ hours worth of detailed precision handwork”, and is completely hand-painted. The in-depth making-of video shows the […]

Последний контент джедаев теперь находится в «Звездных войнах»: Battlefront 2 благодаря новому патчу

DICE has rolled out a new update for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 that brought a host of free, Last Jedi-themed content. The developer first showed the update last week, promising it would bring new maps, vehicles, heroes and a story mission to Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It’s out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, […]

Victorian gambling commission says loot boxes constitute gambling

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) in Australia has said that loot boxes are gambling according to its definition in Victorian legislation. The regulatory body was asked by Reddit user Caesar in an email about its opinion of what goes on in the blind boxes many of today’s games have. Jarrod Wolfe, […]

Государство Гавайи рассматривает законодательство, запрещающее коробки с добычей и другие «хищнические практики» в онлайн-играх

Hawaii state is investigating legislation that would put an end to randomised loot boxes and similar practices in online games, or at least prevent said games from being sold to minors. Hawaii’s Democratic State Representative, Chris Lee, held a press conference to announce that the state is looking into the “spread of predatory practices” in […]

Комиссия по азартным играм в Великобритании говорит, что боксы в играх играют в азартные игры [ОБНОВЛЕНО]

Update: Actually, it seems that Belgium’s Gaming Commission has not made the decisive statement we believed they had. Doubts have arisen about the accuracy of the translation of the original source of this story. This French language article contains an alternate interpretation, and has in turn been translated here. The implication here is that the […]