Sea of ​​Thieves и другие игры, разработанные Microsoft Studios, будут добавлены в Xbox Game Pass в день выпуска

Microsoft will add all new Xbox One exclusive, first-party games to Xbox Game Pass on release day. The company announced today that all new games developed by Microsoft Studios will be available day-and-date with release. This includes Sea of Thieves when it releases March 20. Upcoming titles State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 were […]

Sea of Thieves closed beta: start time, pre-load details, content and everything else you need to set sail

Drink up me hearties, it’s time to set sail. The Sea of Thieves closed beta is anchors aweigh this week, running from January 24 to January 29. Microsoft’s co-op pirate sim looks like a hoot, and this closed beta will feature a “bespoke experience” that’s been specially made to show off the pillaging and plunder […]

«Море воров» закрыло бета-тестирование 24 января и будет работать в течение пяти дней

The Sea of Thieves closed beta has a date and will be accessible to those who joined the Insider Program. It was announced today the closed beta for Sea of Thieves would kick off on January 24 and run through January 29. Those who joined the Sea of Thieves Insider Program before December 1 will […]

Это свечение в темноте Sea of ​​Thieves Контроллер Xbox поставляется со своим собственным приложением в виде DLC

Even controllers come with DLC now, with Microsoft releasing a new limited-edition wireless Xbox controller to tie in with the upcoming swashbuckling co-op action-adventure Sea of Thieves. Featuring a “deep purple translucent design” and “glowing skull”, the controller also comes with the Ferryman Clothing Set DLC, as well as a 14-day trial of Xbox Live […]

Это видео «Море воров» объясняет, как вы будете выполнять квесты, создавать репутацию и устанавливать свое личное пиратское присутствие

Sea of Thieves is one of those games that hasn’t been very well communicated through development. That changes today. The Sea of Thieves video below does more to explain Rare’s open-world multiplayer pirate adventure than pretty much anything we’ve heard so far. It starts by showing off character customisation in Sea of Thieves, but then […]

Легенда о Зельде: Дыхание Дикой Победы Игра Года [Обновлено]

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Review

The Game Awards 2017 featured the biggest lineup of world premieres ever and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came home the winner!

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