Rainbow Six Siege Operation: событие кооперации Chimera и Outbreak скоро попало на тестовые серверы

Первые детали операции Chimera и события вспышки для Rainbow Six Siege были предоставлены Ubisoft. Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 начнется с Operation: Chimera вместе с ограниченным временем события Outbreak на TTS через две недели. Два новых оператора, которые являются специалистами в ситуациях с биологической опасностью, прибудут из [& hellip;]

Ubisoft откатывает цену стандартной версии Rainbow Six Siege после обратной связи с клиентом

Ubisoft has reversed the price hike on the standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege, which was recently re-branded as the Advanced Edition. Earlier this week, Ubisoft revealed a new pricing scheme for Rainbow Six Siege, which changed the standard $40 version of the game into the Advanced Edition with a $60 price tag. Folks weren’t […]

Rainbow Six Siege получит поддержку Xbox One X и PS4 Pro в какой-то момент

The dev team behind lethal tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege do want to enhance the game for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. It’s on the “roadmap” according to the official R6 Twitter account, which is good enough for us. This is definitely on our road map! We do not have an ETA for it […]

Rainbow Six Siege получает три новых выпуска, чтобы начать третий год и событие Outbreak

Three, new editions of Rainbow Six Siege will be made available to purchase starting next month. Ubisoft will release new purchasing options for Rainbow Six Siege in support of Year 3. These new options will be available for purchase starting February 13: Advanced Edition, Gold Edition and Complete Edition. A Started edition is available now. […]

Ubisoft объявляет об изменениях в Rainbow Six Pro League и во всех соревнованиях Rainbow Six Siege

A new formula for the Rainbow Six Pro League and for all Rainbow Six Siege worldwide competitions was announced today by Ubisoft. Ubisoft has designed a new structure which will support growth of Rainbow Six esports. The Rainbow Six Pro League will be composed of two Seasons, six months each, from June to November and […]

Rainbow Six Siege ненавидит новых игроков

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most punishing and inaccessible shooters available today. A big part of that is very much by design, but the game makes little effort to rope in new players. My relationship with Rainbow Six Siege has more or less followed a certain cadence since I first started playing in […]

Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise mid-season patch nerfs Ela, Ash, эффекты сотрясения

Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft has kicked off this year’s balance updates with the Operation White Noise mid-season patch. The update goes live today on Rainbow Six Siege’s test servers, bringing a host of balance changes and bug fixes, as is typical with mid-season patches. Some of these, like the Ela nerf, were communicated ahead […]

Ubisoft, наконец, фиксирует недельный эксплойт Rainbow Six Siege

If you played Rainbow Six Siege in the last few weeks, you’ll have no doubt seen or heard about the Jager exploit. Jager is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s operators. He carries a deployable shield by default, though it shouldn’t protect its entire body, and typically comes with a few disadvantages when deployed. By performing […]

Rainbow Six Siege официально получает серверы 60hz сегодня

Rainbow Six Siege’s patch 4.1 may be small, but it’s got a major feature the developer has been working on for years. That being, of course, high tickrate servers, which Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft trialled in different forms over the past two years. The update will bring 60hz servers to all platforms, following the […]