Dark Souls Remastered объявили о выпуске Nintendo Switch в мае этого года

Nintendo dropped a tonne of major announcements at the first Nintendo Direct in 2018, and the anticipated Dark Souls remaster for Switch was among them. A Dark Souls remaster for the Nintendo Switch has been rumoured for a while, but a report earlier today revealed it’s actually in development for PC, PS4, Xbox One as […]

Dark Souls remaster в работах для коммутаторов, ПК, PS4 и Xbox One, которые будут объявлены сегодня — слухи [Update]

A remaster of the original Dark Souls is reportedly in development for all platforms, with an announcement expected today. Update: Bandai Namco has just announced Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch during the mini Direct, but that’s not all. The publisher also confirmed the remaster will be released on the same day for PC, PS4, […]

Monster Hunter World PC был задержан, потому что это первая компьютерная игра в команде и хотела ее исправить

Capcom has explained why the PC version of Monster Hunter World will be lagging a few months behind consoles. Monster Hunter World is just a couple of weeks away from release on PS4, and Xbox One. Fans always knew the PC version would be a bit late, given that the publisher hadn’t mentioned it in […]

Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise mid-season patch nerfs Ela, Ash, эффекты сотрясения

Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft has kicked off this year’s balance updates with the Operation White Noise mid-season patch. The update goes live today on Rainbow Six Siege’s test servers, bringing a host of balance changes and bug fixes, as is typical with mid-season patches. Some of these, like the Ela nerf, were communicated ahead […]

Несмотря на поле битвы, Star Wars Battlefront 2 по-прежнему оставался самой загруженной игрой в PlayStation Store в декабре

The backlash against Star Wars Battlefront 2’s controversial use of loot boxes doesn’t seem to have dampened appetite for the game. According to official data from Sony it was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Store during December in Europe and the third most-popular in the US. The launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 […]

Получите быстрый взгляд на Hit в этом Dragon Ball FighterZ video

A new Dragon Ball FighterZ video has been released, and this one stars Hit. The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ clip shows off one of the fighters on the roster, Hit. This new video follows the one released yesterday showing off Goku Black in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Also known as Hit the Infallible, the fighter shows […]

Fortnite update nerfs Boogie Bomb, добавляет уютный костер — все патчи 2.1.0

Epic Games has released the latest update to Fortnite. A number of issues have been patched with today’s Fortnite update, bring the game to version 2.1.0. Along with fixes to a number of issues to Battle Royale and Save the World, some quality of life improvements were also been applied. Two additions to the game […]

Battlefield 1 Операции, которые можно играть вне премиум-класса

It appears DICE is starting to remove some of the content behind the Premium paywall of Battlefield 1. Alongside today’s Fire & Ice Operation Campaigns update, all players are able to access DLC Operations which were initially Battlefield 1 Premium content. According to a post written on the Battlefield forums by lead designer Alex Sulman, […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4 и только бета-версия Xbox: время начала, режимы, этапы и все остальное, что вам нужно знать

The Dragon Ball FighterZ beta starts this weekend, so here’s when you can jump into the action. The 3-on-3 fighter looks great, with lightning-quick combos and a crisp art-style that’s faithful to the beloved anime, but now’s our chance to get to grips with how it actually plays. Unlike the closed beta back in September, […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Счет через Twitter просыпается через 4 года, интернет ложится спать

Expect news from CD Projekt’s long-in-development sci-fi RPG soon. In a surprise communication, Cyberpunk 2077’s official Twitter account has woken up, five years after its last tweet. *beep* — Cyberpunk Game (@CyberpunkGame) January 10, 2018 Cyberpunk 2077 was first teased back in January 2013 but beyond the initial reveal we’ve only been fed tiny hints […]