Dark Souls Remastered PC, PS4 и Xbox Один порт, разработанный QLOC — отчет

Many crucial details were left out of the Dark Souls Remastered announcement, so reports are coming in to fill in the gaps. Ever since Namco officially announced Dark Souls Remastered for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, many of the classic game’s fans have been wondering about a number of key details the publisher neglected […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ открытая бета-версия великолепна, когда она действительно работает

This weekend’s Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta is the first time the public at large have been let loose on Bandai Namco’s anime fighter, and it really showed. After a previous closed beta was marred by lag, crashes and disconnects on Xbox, this time around things – sadly – didn’t go to plan on either […]

Monster Hunter World third beta: start time, content, bonuses and everything else you need to know

The third and final Monster Hunter World beta kicks off this weekend and we have all the details you need. This third beta for Monster Hunter World will take place on January 19 and run until January 22, and Capcom will gift any players a few bonuses to take part. This beta will be similar […]

«Fortnite Fatal Fields» зафиксировал ошибку перед обновлением карты, добавив новый город

An exploit in Fortnite that allowed players to cheat by killing from underneath the map has been fixed ahead of the planned roll-out of a new city. The cheat, known as the Fatal Fields glitch, let players slip below the map and kill others without retaliation. Developer Epic Games asked cheaters to be dobbed in […]

Quantic Dream отрицает сообщения о ненадлежащем поведении и токсичной рабочей культуре в студии

The team behind controversial PS4 game Detroit: Become Human has strongly denied reports detailing a toxic working environment and inappropriate conduct at the studio. Three separate reports by Le Monde, CanardPC [NSFW link] and Mediapart detail a culture of sharing racist and sexist jokes via email, overworking staff and other inappropriate behaviour. “Articles published today […]

Открытая бета-версия Dragon Ball FighterZ может быть расширена после выходных сетевых ошибок

The open beta currently running for Dragon Ball Fighterz may be extended after a weekend plagued with disconnects and network errors. The open beta began on Saturday for those who had pre-ordered the game, and Sunday for everyone else. The Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta is due to end on Tuesday January 16 but that […]

Xbox outsold PS4 in December but Switch sold the most units overall

The December 2017 NPD report hasn’t been released yet, but we already have an idea of how platform sales will turn out. According to unreleased NPD data for December 2017, Switch was the best-selling system in the US for the month. The second best-selling console was Xbox One, followed by PlayStation 4. Information on the […]

Обновление карты Fortnite Battle Royale включает новые биомы, достопримечательности

A new update is set to arrive next week for Fortnite Battle Royale. There will be new areas to explore next week when the Fortnite Battle Royale map receives an update. In the latest developer diary, lead systems engineer Eric Williams states a new city area will be added along with new points of interest. […]

Monster Hunter World commercial в Японии подтверждает включение старейшины Dragon Kirin

Another Elder Dragon has been announced for Monster Hunter World, thanks to a Japanese commercial for the open-world title. Over in Japan, a short Monster Hunter World commercial is being aired, and it provides a super-quick glimpse of the Kirin Elder Dragon. Kirin can summon lightning to strike attackers, and one of its main elements […]

Первые продажи Super Meat Boy on Switch «потрясающе близки» к дебютным номерам на Xbox 360

Super Meat Boy was released on Switch this week, and it’s already doing well. Team Meat has announced the Switch version of Super Meat Boy, which was released on January 11, has already sold almost as many units as its Xbox 360 debut in 2010. And that’s just during the game’s first day of availability […]