Игровые поля PlayerUnknown, Cuphead и The Witcher 3 среди победителей премии Steam

The Steam massive has spoken. These are the best PC games of 2017, regardless of what year they actually came out. Valve has revealed the winners of its whimsical, now-annual Steam Awards, in which users vote for game released any old time that they feel best qualify for a range of unusual categories. To nobody’s […]

Смотреть Fury разбить демонов на куски в новом Darksiders 3 gameplay

New Darksiders 3 gameplay dropped this week, showing off a little more of the game’s third-person combat. In the video, Horseman of the Apocalypse, Fury, makes her way through an area called “The Hollows” and fights a Lava Brute. This latest trailer looks quite similar to the pre-alpha trailer we saw back in May, but […]

Что играть дальше: игры вроде Minecraft

Seven years ago, on December 20, 2010, Minecraft released in beta, already a huge success. By then it had been bought more than 500,000 times – chump change compared to the 122 million it’s sold as of 2017 – and was well on the way to becoming the mainstream icon it is today. Since then, […]

PlayStation Experience indies round-up: Flipping Death, Lost Soul Aside, Jupiter & Mars, Iconoclasts, Moonlighter, tons more

It wouldn’t be PSX without a look at some of the lovely indie titles coming to PlayStation 4. Sony showed off some independent studio titles coming to PlayStation 4 during PlayStation Experience 2017 this weekend. There were quite a few indie trailers posted after the PlayStation Experience keynote ended, so we rounded up everything we […]