Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One X-графика, сопоставимая с самыми высокими настройками ПК практически во всех областях

Forza Horizon 3 received an Xbox One X update overnight that native 4K support. This, coupled with Forza Horizon 3’s great looks and HDR support means that Xbox One X owners are in for a real treat. It also means that the Xbox One version is due for another comparison with big-boy PC graphics. The […]

Forza Horizon 3 теперь поддерживает родной 4K благодаря Xbox One X patch

Forza Horizon 3 was among the games Microsoft promised would get enhanced for Xbox One X, and it’s now time to see it in action. Forza Horizon 3 already supports HDR, but the game maxed out at 1080p on Xbox One when it first launched in 2016. Now, thanks to a new patch, Forza Horizon […]

Детектив Пикачу приземляется на магазин Nintendo и в розницу в марте

Nintendo 3DS title Detective Pikachu is heading west in March. Originally released in Japan during 2016, The Pokemon Company announced today Detective Pikachu will arrive in Europe and North America in both digital and physical formats. This news isn’t too surprising considering a PEGI rating popped up for the game back in December. Detective Pikachu […]

Ожидайте еще одного Nintendo Direct в ближайшее время — каждый Direct Mini до сих пор сопровождался полной версией через несколько недель

Yesterday, Nintendo dropped a Direct Mini detailing Switch ports of great games like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors and most notably, Dark Souls. However, discussion on reddit has pointed out that Nintendo has tended to follow each Mini with a full Direct presentation within the next few weeks. In a thread by reddit user […]

PS4 и Xbox Одна версия Blob 2 объявлена ​​на февраль

Coming next month to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is de Blob 2. THQ Nordic announced today it was bringing the remastered version of de Blob 2 to Sony and Microsoft systems. Picking up a few years after the events of the original de Blob, in de Blob 2, Comrade Black has returned to wage […]

Новое событие зимнего города, больше событий NPC, новая коллекция и украшения, добавленные к следующему обновлению Stardew Valley

The perennially awesome Stardew Valley is getting even more content in its next update. Developer Eric Barone announced on Twitter that this latest release would add a new event for you town in winter, along with more NPC events, decorations, as well as a couple more goodies. some things I’ve added for the new content […]

Rocket League собрала 38 миллионов игроков и будет продолжать улучшаться в 2018 году

Rocket League, one of this console generation’s best success stories, has more content lined up for 2018. In a news post on the official Rocket League website, game director Corey Davis has announced that Rocket League has now been played by 38 million players. This doesn’t necessarily equate directly to sales – the game was […]

Как Долина Стэрдэ помогла мне справиться с депрессивными эпизодами

A few years ago, in an attempt to understand my own behaviour and increase my own theoretical knowledge, I picked up a variety of books which examined why video games mattered. Each investigated a different aspect of video games, whether it was the history or their influence on modern society, but one in particular stood […]

Детектив Пикачу может наконец выйти на 3DS на западе, через два года после его японского дебюта

Detective Pikachu, a game and franchise that has followed a weird trajectory, might finally be coming to 3DS outside of Japan. The Detective Pikachu game – originally titled Great Detective Pikachu – launched on the Japanese eShop in January 2016. The game, in which Pikachu and a young lad solve a mystery together, was never […]

Rocket League is adding 80s-inspired Velocity Crates next week

Rocket League is getting a splash of 80s neon next week. The Velocity Crate system, which was just recently announced on the Rocket League website, will drop on December 4. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to nab the Imperator DT5 vehicle from one of them, along with six new decals and engine audios, which […]