Monster Hunter World выйдет на ПК в этом году, но вы будете ждать хорошие 7 месяцев после выпуска консоли, по крайней мере

Monster Hunter World’s PC release window has been narrowed down, and you’re going to have to be patient. Monster Hunter World PC development is ongoing, Capcom has assured hopeful players, and the team is currently optimising the action RPG for Steam launch. Unfortunately, that process is going to take a while – the publisher has […]

Monster Hunter World open beta for PS4 is ready to pre-load, this is when it goes live

All PlayStation 4 owners are invited to the Monster Hunter World beta when it kicks off on Friday. Another Monster Hunter World beta will be held this week on PS4 and it will be an open phase. Pre-load started on December 18, and those who participated in the PS Plus beta at the start of […]

Monster Hunter World players can turn their Palico into Mega Man as shown in this new trailer

Your Palico in Monster Hunter World can take on the form of Mega Man, if you so choose. Capcom debuted a new trailer for Monster Hunter World at PlayStation Experience 2017 yesterday, and at the end, it shows how to turn your Palico into Mega Man. Not only can you dress your Palico up as […]