Call of Duty WW2 возглавляет каждый возможный график в ноябре NPD, PS4 и Xbox. У обоих был отличный месяц

This year’s November NPD report is good news all round, unless you dislike money. November 2017 NPD at a glance Year-on-year growth in total spend and across all categories. PS4 tops hardware unit sales. Xbox One tops hardware dollar sales. Call of Duty: WW2 takes #1 on every possible software chart. Compare month-on-month: October 2017 […]

Посмотрите, как PUBG на Xbox One сравнивается с Xbox One X, ПК

It’s well known at this point that the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has plenty of performance issues, but how does it actually look when compared to PC? Graphics aren’t PUBG’s strongest suit, but there’s a clear difference between the base Xbox One, and Xbox One X. Although plugging in a keyboard shows an […]

Первая глава DLC «Вольфенштейна 2», «Хроники свободы», доступна сейчас

If you’re ready to kill some more Nazis, the first chapter of Wolfenstein 2’s DLC has dropped. The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe is part one of The Freedom Chronicles, and you can grab it now, on Steam and consoles. It costs $9.95 by itself, or you can nab it as part of the $24.95 season […]

Призрак Recon Wildlands Predator Special Challenge стартует завтра

More details on the Predator content coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands has been provided. Overnight, Ubisoft teased Predator content coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP, promising more details would be announced today. Predator content will be part of the Jungle Storm update for Ghost Recon Wildlands when it releases December 14. Here’s what’s included: Free […]

Metal Gear Survive beta приходит на PS4, Xbox One в январе, видео показывает взгляд на однопользователя

A beta for Metal Gear Survive will be held in January, and a look at the single-player campaign has been provided in a new video. Along with news of a beta, Konami has released a gameplay walkthrough for those interested in the single-player portion of Metal Gear Survive. The video introduces basic survival and gameplay […]

Воспроизведение PUBG на Xbox One — это далеко не забавно, но это не обязательно так

Sitting on your couch clutching a controller is a terrible way to play PUBG, but only because what you’re playing is a PC game first and foremost. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not an easy game to play. PC players found this out the hard way when the game entered Steam Early Access earlier this year. PUBG […]

Вы можете использовать клавиатуру с PUBG на Xbox One для ходьбы, использовать карту и просмотреть расширенное меню настроек

PUBG on Xbox One is more of a straight port than we thought, as evident by what you get when you plug in a keyboard. Earlier today, PUBG players on Xbox One discovered that plugging in a USB keyboard lets you use it in-game for a number of things. First, if you hit O in […]

Канал PUBG HypeZone Mixer показывает только потоки игроков, близкие к выигрышу

HypeZone is proving to be one of the best ways to watch others play PUBG online. Mixer, the Microsoft-owned Twitch competitor, has rolled out a new channel dedicated to PUBG called HypeZone. The channel only shows rounds in their final moments, when a streamer is closest to the win. Mixer flips through all available PUBG […]

PUBG Xbox Один элемент управления не имеет никакого значения

The way PUBG controls on Xbox One is going to be the only thing you’ll be hearing about in the next few days, because it’s unlike any other game. It is no doubt a big challenge to try and adapt PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC-centric controls to a controller, and I don’t envy developers who spend weeks […]

Игровые поля PlayerUnknown имеют множество проблем с производительностью на Xbox One

The Game Preview version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which launched yesterday, is facing some problems. PUBG was always going to launch on Xbox One in a state behind where the PC version is right now, but it’s a little further back than we anticipated. Some more recent additions are in the game (vaulting, for instance, is […]