Изменения движения для всех героев, попадающих в Overwatch PTR

Changes to how all characters move are coming to Overwatch’s public test region, according to game director Jeff Kaplan. “We’re making a change on our PTR servers shortly (no patch required), that reworks some of how our heroes move and accelerate,” Kaplan said in a post on the Battlenet forums. “This was originally done to […]

Наконец, правильный взгляд на героя Overwatch Jetpack Cat

What could have been, eh? We’ve heard about Jetpack Cat before – it’s the Overwatch hero that never made it to the final game. At Blizzcon this weekend Jeff Kaplan and concept artist Arnold Tsang revealed some early designs for heroes that were abandoned, including sketches of the fabled Jetpack Cat. Jetpack Alligator, Jetpack Robot […]