Overwatch: Doomfist получает некоторые большие хитрости в PTR, причем больше в пути

Doomfist is being worked on in the Overwatch Public Test Realm, and Blizzard is confident that they’ve made some improvements. Doomfist came to Overwatch back in July, and since then there’s been quite a bit of discussion about the character’s abilities and balance. Some changes have been made to the character on the Public Test […]

Yes, Super Mario Cereal is a thing and the box functions as an amiibo

Super Mario Cereal is heading to a US grocery store near you. Nintendo and Kellogg’s have teamed up to provide Nintendo fans and cereal connoisseurs alike with a sugary bowl of yummy goodness: it’s Super Mario Cereal. The announcement confirms rumors from earlier in the week, when evidence of Super Mario Cereal hit the internet. […]

Victorian gambling commission says loot boxes constitute gambling

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) in Australia has said that loot boxes are gambling according to its definition in Victorian legislation. The regulatory body was asked by Reddit user Caesar in an email about its opinion of what goes on in the blind boxes many of today’s games have. Jarrod Wolfe, […]

Комиссия по азартным играм в Великобритании говорит, что боксы в играх играют в азартные игры [ОБНОВЛЕНО]

Update: Actually, it seems that Belgium’s Gaming Commission has not made the decisive statement we believed they had. Doubts have arisen about the accuracy of the translation of the original source of this story. This French language article contains an alternate interpretation, and has in turn been translated here. The implication here is that the […]

Возможность фильма Overwatch — это то, что Activision «хотела бы очень» изучить

An Overwatch film is something Activision seems interested in developing. Activision could develop a Overwatch movie at some point in the future, as it’s something the firm would be very interested in exploring. According to the company’s head of Consumer Products Group, Tim Kilpin, the prospect is something Activision “would like very much.” Kilpin was […]

Overwatch имеет «ударную команду» для борьбы с токсичностью

The latest way for Overwatch developer Blizzard to fight against players ruining the experience for others is a “strike team” whose whole job is figuring out how to make the game better for everyone. Despite Overwatch’s welcoming aesthetics and design, Blizzard recently came under fire for not doing enough to punish bad apples in the […]

Новый герой Overwatch, Мойра, теперь живет на PTR

PC users can now jump into the PTR and check out the latest Overwatch hero. Moira, a new support healer announced during Blizzcon, is now available to anyone who has the PC version and wants to check out the Public Test Realm. Players will have a chance to test out Moira and give Blizzard data […]

Наконец, правильный взгляд на героя Overwatch Jetpack Cat

What could have been, eh? We’ve heard about Jetpack Cat before – it’s the Overwatch hero that never made it to the final game. At Blizzcon this weekend Jeff Kaplan and concept artist Arnold Tsang revealed some early designs for heroes that were abandoned, including sketches of the fabled Jetpack Cat. Jetpack Alligator, Jetpack Robot […]

Демонстрационный сайт Metal Gear Survive отбрасывает некоторые экраны на нас

Появился сайт-тизер для Metal Gear Survive, и он принес с собой первые официальные скриншоты. Предстоящая игровая игра, первая игра Metal Gear, выпущенная с тех пор, как Хидео Коджима и Конами расстались, — это совместная игра-невидимка, в которой несколько персонажей, которые до этого момента существовали в [& hellip;]