Последние слухи о расширении Destiny 2 называют его «Боги Марса», упоминает Карла Великого и Кловиса Брея

Destiny 2 has produced another alleged expansion leak. Get out your salt shaker! A Destiny 2 expansion has allegedly popped up on the PSN ahead of official reveal. We say “allegedly” because we don’t know anybody who saw it in situ, and instead must rely on a screenshot a skeptical Shack News spotted on Destiny […]

Pokemon Go идет в Китай

Niantic will finally bring Pokemon Go to China thanks to a new partnership. Pokemon Go will be released in China in partnership with Chinese publisher NetEase, according to The Financial Times [paywall]. Although the company has not reveal a release date yet, this is already a big move for Pokemon Go. The hit social game […]

Возвращение Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram

If you missed out on Diablo 3’s retro event, Darkening of Tristram, the last time it was available, you have another chance this year. The Darkening of Tristram is a Diablo 3 event that first went live in January 2017. The limited-time event was always meant to be an annual affair, and it has now […]

Release dates: every game confirmed for 2019

2019 is about to kick off and there’s plenty to get excited about. As we do every year, we’ve gathered as many release dates as possible in one place for you to check anytime. The list is updated regularly, and though we do try to include as many games as possible, some inevitably slip. All […]

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Каждая игра, выпущенная на ПК, PS4, Switch и Xbox One в 2017 году

There’s no denying it: 2017 has been this console generation’s best year thus far, and one of the best of all time for video games. It was also a very evenly-packed year, full of critical and commercials success stories, big and small, from start to finish. Publishers are finally starting to space out big releases, […]

Take-Two опубликует предков Патриса Десейтса: Одиссея человечества

Take-Two has announced it will publish Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, developed by original Assassin’s Creed creator, Patrice Desilets. A new Publishing label has been formed by Take-Two, which will publish titles from “top independent developers.” Private Division has been in the works for over two years at the company, and its aim is to support […]

Вы скоро сможете использовать Xbox Party Chat на своем телефоне

Microsoft is testing a new feature that will allow mobile users to enter Xbox Live Party Chat on their phones. The tech is currently available to anyone who downloads the Xbox beta app, and it sounds as straightforward as you think. Still in beta, it allows you to use the Xbox App for party chat […]

Первая глава DLC «Вольфенштейна 2», «Хроники свободы», доступна сейчас

If you’re ready to kill some more Nazis, the first chapter of Wolfenstein 2’s DLC has dropped. The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe is part one of The Freedom Chronicles, and you can grab it now, on Steam and consoles. It costs $9.95 by itself, or you can nab it as part of the $24.95 season […]

PUBG Xbox Один элемент управления не имеет никакого значения

The way PUBG controls on Xbox One is going to be the only thing you’ll be hearing about in the next few days, because it’s unlike any other game. It is no doubt a big challenge to try and adapt PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC-centric controls to a controller, and I don’t envy developers who spend weeks […]

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist patch notes – changes to Heavy Sniper and Marksman Rifle damage, ammo becomes more lethal, all the details

Well, it’s been a quite significant day for GTA Online today, and no mistake. Today’s GTA Online DLC has brought with it many surprises. Top of the list are a new heist complete with a selection of lethal vehicles, as well as an intriguing Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter egg. But it also brings a […]