Лучшие игровые предложения на этой неделе: Nintendo Labo, Monster Hunter World, Yakuza 6 и другие

One more week, one more set of the best gaming weeks from around the world wide web. There’s everything from the Nintendo Labo madness to some fine PC digital discounts to check out, so let’s get started. As usual, we’ve got deals that’ll work in the UK, deals that’ll work in the US and some […]

Street Fighter 5 Fight Money guide: все миссии, дополнительная битва, шлифовка EXP и другие советы по зарабатыванию FM

Earning Street Fighter 5’s fight money will let you get new characters, stages and more – plus you can now wager it in extra battle. You’re going to need to save up. As it enters its third year and the launch of Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, Capcom’s flagship fighting game has an enormous amount […]

Просочившиеся изображения показывают новую версию Xbox Elite Controller

Microsoft never officially announced that the Xbox Elite Controller would be iterated on, but it looks like a new generation is in the making. Over the last few days, factory images of what looks like an upgraded version of the Xbox Elite Controller made their way online. The images appear on Chinese website Baidu, a […]

Судьба 2 сервера на 4 часа завтра

This week’s Destiny 2 maintenance has been scheduled. Every couple of weeks, Destiny 2 developer Bungie takes down the game’s servers to implement a new change, bring back a seasonal event, or just to fix some bugs. This week’s downtime is also taking place on a Tuesday, and it’s going to last for four hours. […]

Судьба 2: микротранзакции, которые нужно смягчить, XP будет снова изменен, и весь сезонный контент свободен для всех

Destiny 2 is getting an economy shake up which should please critics of the loot box system, Eververse. Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett has addressed major complaints about the loot shooter and Bungie’s frustrating lack of response to feedback. Riffing on Bungie’s frequent comment of “we’re listening”, Barrett said the team is no longer […]

Puzzle Fighter strategy: tips and tricks for battle in the iOS and Android release

When the time comes to take your Puzzle Fighting skills online, you need to be ready to up your game. While taking folk on over the internet isn’t exactly the same as standing next to them in a sweaty arcade, Puzzle Fighter for mobile on iOS and Android is a pretty great version of the […]

Размер установочного монстра Monster Hunter World очень удобен

The file size for the disc version of Monster Hunter World has leaked online. As you’d expect, publishers put a game’s expected file size on the back of the box. This is the same for Monster Hunter World, the Japanese box for which has made its way online. A picture of the back of the […]

PUBG Xbox Один патч добавляет режим от первого лица, исправляет сбои

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has received a new patch on Xbox One that brings new features, and continues to smooth out frame-rate and stability. The new PUBG patch’s highlight feature is the addition of first-person support, something that was absent from the console version since launch. It’s only available in solo mode at present, but it’s a […]

Новый игровой процесс «Metal Gear Survive» демонстрирует базовые здания, крафтинг и слайд-слайд-зомби

Metal Gear Survive has a new gameplay trailer, showing off how crafting and base-building work in Konami’s first Metal Gear game since the high-profile departure of series creator Hideo Kojima in 2015. Released via IGN, the video starts with a bit of story before moving on to some classic third-person sneaking. We then get a […]

Destiny 2: местоположение и инвентарь Сюра за 5-9 января

It’s Xur’s first visit of 2018 – will he kick off the new year with something special? Amid the many changes Bungie has and continue to make to the core of Destiny 2, you can rely on Xur: Agent of the Nine to never miss a Friday. Much like other parts of Destiny 2, Xur […]