Судьба 2: Железный баннер возвращается на следующей неделе с несколькими изменениями

The first Destiny 2 Iron Banner event in Season 2 kicks off next week. Being the first Iron Banner in 2018, and the first in Destiny 2’s Season 2 of live events, Bungie wanted to make things more interesting. First of all, the event returns on Tuesday, January 30 and ends Tuesday, February 6 with […]

Море воров советы: как начать свой первый квест The Stash of Captain Bones

It’s time to get your first treasure chest, but the going isn’t easy. Starting The Stash of Captain Bones quest is your introduction to Sea of Thieves. As very little is explained to you in-game, you’ll need to follow this simple procedure which then applies to starting all treasure map quests. Firstly, go to the […]

Xbox Live: Battlefield 1, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Titanfall 2

Microsoft has kicked off this week’s sale on Xbox Live, with major discounts on EA titles. The weekly round-up of deals on the Xbox Games Store is here. This week, it’s mostly EA games on sale, but there are some significant discounts. Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition, which includes Premium, is 67% off, while the Premium […]

Fortnite: старая карта против новой карты — где находится подземная шахта и другие новые места?

Fortnite Battle Royale is everywhere right now, and after its new map update earlier this week, the game’s popularity has reached fever pitch. But what has the update actually done? Well, here’s a handy comparison of the old map vs the new map, with all the new locations, so you know where to head to […]

Fortnite devs раскрывают секреты дизайна новых горячих точек карты: Shifty Shafts, Tilted Towers, Junk Junction и Snobby Shores

As players get to grips with a reinvigorated Fortnite map, developers at Epic have revealed the thinking behind the new hotspots. According to the team, while the east side of the map has been rich for traversal, loot and locations, the west side has offered fewer opportunities for players. That all changes with this week’s […]

Nintendo Labo: вот все хорошие, плохие и мудрые мнения о новых картонных игрушках Nintendo, которые вы увидите сегодня

It doesn’t take much to freak the gamer community out. Cardboard toys? Priced at $70? From Nintendo? That’s all it takes. A genuine surprise. An out of the blue announcement that takes Nintendo’s hit Switch console and flips ideas of what a game and toy can be. It takes balls and free minds to come […]

Metal Gear Survive процветает в мультиплеере, но спотыкается, когда играет соло

As unusual as it might be for a Metal Gear game, multiplayer looks to be the finest of Survive’s ideas. This is a game that is starkly different in design and outlook to other entries in the series and, when played in single player, this can result in a disorientating opening few hours. When played […]

Когда можно прекратить исправление игры?

Or; when should the developer let go and hand it over to the modders? I find it charming that we still refer to the updating of a game as a patch. It’s a throwback to a time when programming software involved punching holes into cards. If you made a mistake, you could simply ‘patch’ over […]

Почему у команды London Spitfire Overwatch никогда не было британской линейки

One of the things that makes esports great is that it is a truly worldwide competition. People from across the world play each other on a regular basis and many teams are made up of players from different countries. We see Americans playing with players from South East Asia, Koreans playing with Swedes and Brazilians […]

Hyrule Warriors: окончательное издание, которое выйдет на эту весну со всем ранее доступным контентом

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is coming to Switch. During today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, the company announced Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition would arrive on Switch this spring. This edition will include every map and mission, plus all 29 playable characters from both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS version, Hyrule Warriors Legends. It will also […]