Sonic Mania читы: режим отладки, выбор уровня, разблокировки и многое другое

Возврат к 90-м годам не будет полным без каких-либо фактических читов, и Sonic Mania не разочарует в этом отношении, придет в комплекте с отладочным режимом, выбором уровня и множеством чистых дружественных открытий. Послушай. Sonic Mania абсолютно потрясающая. Если вы don & rsquo; t верьте что, прочитайте наш обзор & ndash; it & rsquo; s [….]

Новое событие зимнего города, больше событий NPC, новая коллекция и украшения, добавленные к следующему обновлению Stardew Valley

The perennially awesome Stardew Valley is getting even more content in its next update. Developer Eric Barone announced on Twitter that this latest release would add a new event for you town in winter, along with more NPC events, decorations, as well as a couple more goodies. some things I’ve added for the new content […]

Rocket League собрала 38 миллионов игроков и будет продолжать улучшаться в 2018 году

Rocket League, one of this console generation’s best success stories, has more content lined up for 2018. In a news post on the official Rocket League website, game director Corey Davis has announced that Rocket League has now been played by 38 million players. This doesn’t necessarily equate directly to sales – the game was […]

Растения против Зомби: выпуск GOTY бесплатно на Origin прямо сейчас

If you never got around to playing Plants vs Zombies, now’s your chance to nab it for free. Plants vs Zombies was huge back when it launched back in 2009, but chances are you haven’t thought of it much lately. But hey, it’s pretty good! And if you missed it, you can now grab it […]

Rocket League is adding 80s-inspired Velocity Crates next week

Rocket League is getting a splash of 80s neon next week. The Velocity Crate system, which was just recently announced on the Rocket League website, will drop on December 4. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to nab the Imperator DT5 vehicle from one of them, along with six new decals and engine audios, which […]