Вот посмотрите, как Dragon Quest Builders работает на коммутаторе Nintendo

Square Enix’s spin-off building game hits Switch next month – so here’s a look at how it performs. Dragon Quest Builders is far more than a simple Minecraft knock-off – instead, it rather does a remarkable job of combining the classic RPG tropes and systems that Dragon Quest is famous for founding with building and […]

Демо-версия для Dragon Quest Builders и Kirby: Battle Royale приземлились на Nintendo eShop

The headline says it all, really. Nintendo announced today during its Direct presentation that eShop users can download demos for Kirby: Battle Royale and Dragon Quest Builders. Available for Switch, the demo version of Dragon Quest Builders will provide a nice introduction to the game before it releases on the system February 9. In the full […]

Что играть дальше: игры вроде Minecraft

Seven years ago, on December 20, 2010, Minecraft released in beta, already a huge success. By then it had been bought more than 500,000 times – chump change compared to the 122 million it’s sold as of 2017 – and was well on the way to becoming the mainstream icon it is today. Since then, […]