Bardock и Broly подтвердили как DLC для Dragon Ball FighterZ

Игроки Dragon Ball FighterZ скоро смогут использовать в игре еще двух персонажей. Два новых персонажа для Dragon Ball FighterZ были недавно анонсированы в последнем выпуске японского журнала V-Jump. Персонажи — Бардок и Броли. Broly — Saiyan, рожденный с уровнем мощности 10 000. Его ненависть к Гоку снова началась [& hellip;]

Dragon Ball FighterZ review: the tag fighter Marvel vs Capcom Infinite should’ve been

Dragon Ball has certainly been around the block in video game terms, but Dragon Ball FighterZ is a franchise best. Here’s the thing: Dragon Ball FighterZ is made by Arc System Works. ArcSys, as their dedicated fans call them, really know how to make a damn good fighting game. They never quite see the widespread […]

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Dragon Ball FighterZ получает последнюю бета-версию на Xbox One

Dragon Ball FighterZ fans have one final chance to get some hands-on time with the game ahead of its release on Friday. Dragon Ball FighterZ beta rounds have been coming fast and furious. The most recent round was available for 24 hours around the same time last week. That round was itself an apology of […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ обзор обзор — все оценки

Bandai Namco have gone big with Dragon Ball FighterZ. The venerable franchise has spawned dozens of games over its decades long lifespan, and Dragon Ball FighterZ looks to be one the best yet. With aggressive, stylised fighting and visuals that perfectly encapsulate the look and feel of the beloved anime, Dragon Ball FighterZ offers both […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ открывает бета-версию в течение 24 часов после проблем с сервером

As hinted at during its difficult open beta last weekend, Dragon Ball FighterZ returns this week for another 24 hour test. The Dragon Ball FighterZ beta will go live for a short period this week, letting players pick up where they left off. Or perhaps more accurately, where they were kicked out. The new times […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ открытая бета-версия великолепна, когда она действительно работает

This weekend’s Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta is the first time the public at large have been let loose on Bandai Namco’s anime fighter, and it really showed. After a previous closed beta was marred by lag, crashes and disconnects on Xbox, this time around things – sadly – didn’t go to plan on either […]

Открытая бета-версия Dragon Ball FighterZ может быть расширена после выходных сетевых ошибок

The open beta currently running for Dragon Ball Fighterz may be extended after a weekend plagued with disconnects and network errors. The open beta began on Saturday for those who had pre-ordered the game, and Sunday for everyone else. The Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta is due to end on Tuesday January 16 but that […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ открытая бета-версия: PS4 и Xbox Один бета-клиент теперь доступен

The Dragon Ball FighterZ beta client is available to download now for PS4 and Xbox One. You can access the download page directly on your console by searching for “Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta” in the store or by redeeming your early access code, if you have one. On Xbox, you can also find the […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4 и только бета-версия Xbox: время начала, режимы, этапы и все остальное, что вам нужно знать

The Dragon Ball FighterZ beta starts this weekend, so here’s when you can jump into the action. The 3-on-3 fighter looks great, with lightning-quick combos and a crisp art-style that’s faithful to the beloved anime, but now’s our chance to get to grips with how it actually plays. Unlike the closed beta back in September, […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ и рекомендованные характеристики ПК

We have the final PC specs for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Namco has now confirmed the full list of PC requirements for Dragon Ball FighterZ, as we approach the worldwide launch. FighterZ is a 2D fighting game, so the specs are very modest, though an older i7 is listed in the recommended specs. This weekend, the […]