Call of Duty WW2 возглавляет каждый возможный график в ноябре NPD, PS4 и Xbox. У обоих был отличный месяц

This year’s November NPD report is good news all round, unless you dislike money. November 2017 NPD at a glance Year-on-year growth in total spend and across all categories. PS4 tops hardware unit sales. Xbox One tops hardware dollar sales. Call of Duty: WW2 takes #1 on every possible software chart. Compare month-on-month: October 2017 […]

The loot box stink: как мы оказались в этом беспорядке?

Loot boxes are not inherently bad. That statement may rustle a few jimmies, but I truly believe it. They have, on many occasions, been used to rescue games from decline or to jump-start the financial backing of a fledgling new title. Hell, if you want to get really blunt about it, I’ve got friends who’ve […]