Dragon Ball Game – Project Z action-RPG в новом трейлере


новый Dragon Ball action-RPG был объявлен в конце финала Мирового тура Dragon Ball Fighters прошлой ночью. Bandai Namco показал трейлер игры Dragon Ball Project Z, предстоящей экшн-RPG, установленной во вселенной Dragon Ball. Он будет сосредоточен на истории таинственных шаров Дракона, и вы»присоединитесь [….]

Боузет-вентилятор быстро опустился в новый вид нового ада

Вы можете вспомнить, как новый трейлер Super Mario Bros. U для Nintendo Switch во время Nintendo Direct. Вы также можете вспомнить, как во время трейлера вошла Тоадетта, в комплекте с ее новой силой: Peachette. Да, Toadette превратится в Peachette при получении кроны. Peachette похож на персик, который мы знаем, и имеет идентичные [….]

Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster – every playable character announced so far

From its years of very rich, complicated lore, Dragon Ball FighterZ has a lot of characters to choose from… But that hasn’t stopped series creator Akira Toriyama from designing a brand-new character for the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. The mysterious Android 21 has now been confirmed as playable, transforming into a Majinn-like appearance to join […]

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Моя Академия Героев: «Правосудие» позволяет уничтожать города, когда вы сражаетесь с злодеями, наступая на запад в следующем году на всех основных платформах

A My Hero Academia game? Just what you were jonesing for. My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is a battle action game destined for western release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in 2018, Bandai Namco has announced. It had previously been confirmed only for PS4 and Switch in Japan. Developed by Byking, My Hero […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ добавляет три бойца от Dragon Ball Super и Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball FighterZ roster keeps expanding, but this latest character announcement is particularly intriguing. There have been several new characters announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ over the last month, but few of them have been super exciting additions – adult Gohan and Kid Buu, for instance, are basically iterations on characters that are already […]

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is coming to PS4 and Switch

There’s a game in the works based on the hit anime series My Hero Academia (in Japan, at least). The magazine scans below come from ‘YonkouProductions’, an account that focuses on anime and manga news. By the look of it, it’s going to be some kind of brawler with an art style very much in […]