Xenoblade Chronicles 2 reviews round up – see all the scores here

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Nintendo’s big RPG for the holidays. How does it stack up? Reviews are in.

Xenoblade Chronicles remains a cult classic, and while pseudo-sequel Xenoblade X wasn’t a bad game it didn’t quite scratch the same itch as the first game.

Fans can rejoice now, however, as Nintendo is going back to what made that cult Wii title a favourite with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – a major RPG outing for the Switch that in terms of size and length is probably the biggest and most ambitious game on the system since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo has generally been targeting the Zelda audience with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in fact, going so far as to insert a Xenoblade 2 themed quest into Zelda in the form of free DLC. But how does it stack up to Breath of the Wild in the reviews department?

Well, to find out, first of all, give our official VG247 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review a read. If our word isn’t good enough, well… okay then – here’s all the scores:

xenoblade_chronicles_2_e3_2017 (5)


Xenoblade Chronicles will be release tomorrow, December 1, on Switch.

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