Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle players are getting a free Versus mode tomorrow

Versus Mode is coming to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle tomorrow as free DLC.

Ubisoft has announced a free update to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in the form of a local Versus mode.

In it, players will battle each other on the same screen on “unique and evolving battlefields.”

You can get an idea of what to expect in the video below – if you live in the UK. Once Ubisoft US or Nintendo adds the video to YouTube, we’ll post it because as of press time, it’s not available for some reason. Gotta love regional lockouts.

Players can pick three different heroes from the eight available in the main game. For each character, the player will choose from among three pre-sets, with specific statistics and skills to form their own strategy.

Random bonus items will pop up on the battlefields, providing additional actions, double damage or other advantages.

Each battle can be customized by players using various settings. This includes adding a timer or limiting the number of turns or even removing all the items.

The free, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Versus DLC will be made available Nintendo Switch tomorrow, December 8.

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