Bayonetta 2 features local wireless co-op on Switch, Special Edition available for pre-order in UK

Bayonetta 2 will support some nice features when it releases on Switch next year.

Bayonetta 2 was announced for Switch last night during The Game Awards alongside Bayonetta 3 for Switch.

Switch owners who pick up Bayonetta 2 for the console can play with others via local, wireless co-op and Tag Climax, which was previously only available online, will be included. Players can also take part in online co-op.

Video capture will also be supported along with the Bayonetta amiibo released for Super Smash Bros. Whether both Bayonetta amiibo will be supported or just the Bayonetta 2 model isn’t known at present.

Pricing for Bayonetta 2 is a little odd when you factor in the original Bayonetta which is also coming to Switch. We’ve broken it down for you below.

  • Bayonetta will run you $49.99/ €49.99/ £49.99 digitally through the eShop.
  • Buy Bayonetta 2 get the original Bayonetta for $9.99/ €9.99/ £9.99 through the eShop.
  • Buying the digital version of Bayonetta will cost you $29.99/ €29.99/ £29.99 and then Bayonetta 2 will run you $29.99/ €29.99.

Basically, it will cost you $60/ €60/ £60 either way you slice it if you buy both together.


There’s also the really cool Bayonetta 2 Special Edition available for pre-order through Amazon UK.

It comes with Bayonetta 2 on a Nintendo Switch game card, a download code for Bayonetta, a SteelBook and Bayonetta-themed stickers and Verse Cards. £69.99

Bayonetta 1 and 2 will both release for Switch on February 16 digitally and at retail.

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