На форумах PUBG есть известный поток проблем, который помогает «повысить уровень прозрачности»,

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds forum now has a known issues thread, and the first post is up. Those who play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be pleased to know an easy way to find progress on known issues has been added to the official forums. According to PUBG community coordinator RoboDanjal, the goal with adding a known issues thread […]

Ubisoft откатывает цену стандартной версии Rainbow Six Siege после обратной связи с клиентом

Ubisoft has reversed the price hike on the standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege, which was recently re-branded as the Advanced Edition. Earlier this week, Ubisoft revealed a new pricing scheme for Rainbow Six Siege, which changed the standard $40 version of the game into the Advanced Edition with a $60 price tag. Folks weren’t […]

Overwatch player toxicity “not solved but getting better,” Blizzard takes the fight to YouTube

Blizzard is making a dent in quelling toxic behavior with Overwatch players, but admits things aren’t as “great as they should be.” Speaking in the latest developer update video, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan provided and update on how Blizzard is continuing to combat toxicity. One of the key factors in the recent reduction of […]

Возьмите 60% скидкой через интернет-магазин «Essentials Sale» PS Store плюс 10% от всей вашей корзины

The North American end of the PlayStation Store has a sale going on this weekend. The PlayStation Store sale in North America has a selection of “must-haves” for up to 50% off. PS Plus members can tale up to 60% off. Also, customers can take an additional 10% off one total cart purchase when entering […]

Эпические игры, чтобы взять Paragon в автономном режиме в апреле — полные возмещения, предлагаемые игрокам

Epic Games has announced it will shut down Paragon, its free-to-play MOBA, in April. Paragon will be taken offline in April on the same day it went into early access beta on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016. Announced in November 2015, Paragon was officially launched through early access in March 2016, and went into […]

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