Подводная, приключенческая игра open-world Subnautica была выпущена для ПК

Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds has released its latest game, Subnautica. The underwater, open-world adventure game Subnautica has been released for PC on Steam and the Arc platform. Subnautica was announced in December 2013, and shown for the first time in April 2014 at PAX East. In the game, players will explore an alien ocean with […]

Сэм — помощник по виртуальным играм в разработке на Ubisoft

“Hi Sam. Find games based on virtual assistants taking over the world.” Today, Ubisoft announced Sam, a “personal gaming assistant” which the company said was designed to “enhance players’ gaming experience.” Part of the latest innovations to Ubisoft Club, the virtual assistant Sam will “leverage” payers’ profile information, game library, friends list, community and Ubisoft […]

Дата выпуска Banner Saga 3 была перенесена на лето 2018 года

Banner Saga 3 выйдет раньше, чем ожидалось. Сегодня разработчик Stoic Games и издатель Versus Evil объявил, что The Banner Saga 3 выйдет этим летом. Третий и последний взнос в серии The Banner Saga 3 был финансирован Kickstarter в начале 2017 года. Стоик попросил 200 000 долларов на финансирование титула и [& hellip;]

Смиренный Парадокс Пакет поставляется со Стелларисом, Столпами Вечности, Королями Крестоносцев 2

The latest Humble Bundle is sure to be popular with PC users who enjoy RPGs and grand strategy titles. A new pay what you want offer is available through Humble Bundle and it features some of Paradox Interactive’s most popular strategy titles. Along with the five strategy titles on offer, business simulation game Cities in […]

Висцеральный, Кувалда и Монолит ветеринары присоединяются к команде Avengers dev

Crystal Dynamics’ development team for its upcoming Marvel The Avengers game got a serious talent boost in January. Developers from Sledgehammer, Visceral and Monolith have all joined the project, to be revealed in full later this year by publisher Square Enix. They join ex-Naughty Dog dude Shaun Escayg who joined at the start of the […]

Появился список мировых трофеев — это сложная платина?

The Monster Hunter World Trophy List has been revealed, with 36 bronze, 11 silver, and 1 gold trophy standing in the way of unlocking that sweet, sweet platinum. Monster Hunter World has a mix of solo and multiplayer trophies, meaning you’re going to need a little help to acquire them all. Although a lot of […]

Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event: how to get the Aloy Armor, Bow and Watcher gear for your Palico

As part of Monster Hunter World’s ongoing relationship with PlayStation, the PS4 version of the game will feature a full armor set based on Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Here’s how to get it. In addition to a full armor skin that makes you look like Aloy from Horizon, you’ll also be able to get […]

Сделайте перерыв от всех других скучных игр открытого мира и получите Догму Дракона: Темный Аризон, пока он продается

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is the cheapest it’s ever been on Steam right now. The PC version of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, arguably the best one, is one sale for the next couple of days on Steam. Dark Arisen has a 67% discount, which brings the price down to a meagre $9.89/£7.91/€9.89. This is the […]

Battlefleet Gothic: объявлена ​​Armada 2, включает в себя все 12 фракций из настольной игры

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is the sequel to last year’s RTS based on the tabletop game, and it promises a whole host of upgrades. As one would expect from a sequel, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 aims to expand and refine the core experience established by the original game. Tindalos Interactive returns as the game’s developer, […]

Теперь вы можете покупать и передавать тему PUBG

If you can’t get enough of PUBG’s lobby music, you can add it to your music collection and listen to it anytime you want. Anyone who spent a few minutes with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be instantly familiar with its theme song. Before the game hit 1.0 on PC, the lobby used to have a different […]

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