По мере того как популярность Fortnite взрывается, Epic пытается найти путь вперед для Paragon

Fortnite Battle Royale is going from strength to strength, but this unfortunately could spell doom for Epic’s other free-to-play game, Paragon. Paragon is the third-person, action MOBA Epic launched in early access in 2016. The game was supposed to be the publisher’s big ticket into the free-to-play market, but several major iterations later, Paragon’s player […]

Metal Gear Survive всегда в сети, имеет микротранзакции

Metal Gear Survive will require a constant internet connection to play, even in single-player. This detail was confirmed by Konami at a recent Metal Gear Survive event, where the publisher also revealed that there is an in-game store that uses microtransactions. An internet connection is required to play all of Metal Gear Survive’s modes, similar […]

Nintendo Labo: вот все хорошие, плохие и мудрые мнения о новых картонных игрушках Nintendo, которые вы увидите сегодня

It doesn’t take much to freak the gamer community out. Cardboard toys? Priced at $70? From Nintendo? That’s all it takes. A genuine surprise. An out of the blue announcement that takes Nintendo’s hit Switch console and flips ideas of what a game and toy can be. It takes balls and free minds to come […]

Destiny 2 Faction Знаки ралли сильно дросселируются, Bungie обещает корректировки

Bungie has successfully managed to upset Destiny 2 players once again, this time over the Faction Rally token earn rate. In keeping with the Destiny 2 theme of making a major change, not communicating it, and later apologising when players figure out what’s going on, Bungie has put a harsh limit on the number of […]

Nintendo Labo — это игрушечная линейка для карточек DIY, цена от 70 долларов

Nintendo’s “new interactive experience” was revealed as Labo, DIY-style cardboard toys. Labo is the next evolution of toys-to-life, except instead of transforming toys into in-game characters, Labo lets players build their own toys. With the help of the Switch Joy-Cons, players can create what Nintendo calls Toy-Cons, toys that can act as controllers for games, […]

Серверы Fortnite отправляются в автономном режиме перед обновлением карты

Fortnite will be going down for maintenance today so plan accordingly. Update: Maintenance has begun a little early, so down tools and be patient. You can now begin updating the game on your console or PC, and you’ll need around 1.6GB of free space. Downtime for patch V.2.2.0 has begun. Time to start planning those […]

Из каких материалов изготавливаются современные упаковочные коробки?

Существует множество материалов, которые подходят для производства упаковочной продукции различных типов. Это привело к тому, что заказчики могут выбрать вариант, который будет соответствовать их возможностям и запросам. Чаще всего подарочные коробки http://mahapack.ru/catalog/use/podarochnaya делаются из бумажного сырья, потому что оно довольно дешевое и простое в обработке, что позволяет производить тару различных типов. Переплетный картон Высокая плотность […]

Street Fighter 5 Missions Guide: how to complete every weekly mission

Decipher the cryptic clues and complete Street Fighter 5’s missions for fight money. Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is out now, and with the release of the new expansion to the game the developers at Capcom have tightened up the rules for earning fight money. One of the best ways to earn is still in, […]

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Бывшие разработчики Cryptic Studios работают на ПК, консольный шутер, установленный во вселенной Alien

Another Alien game is in the works and this one is from Cold Iron Studios. A new shooter is coming to PC and consoles and it’s based on the Alien series. It is in development at Cold Iron Studios, which was recently acquired by Fox. It will be published by the latter’s games development division, […]

Макс: Проклятие Братства и Ночи в Вудах, датированных для Nintendo Switch

Two games have been given release dates for Nintendo Switch. You know this from the headline alone, obviously. Max: Curse of the Brotherhood and Night in the Woods will be released in March and February, respectively, on Nintendo Switch. Puzzle-platformer Max: Curse of the Brotherhood was originally developed by the Press Play – now Flashbulb […]