Assassin’s Creed Origins DLC The Hidden Ones, Discover Tour, Проклятие фараонов датируется

Ubisoft has announced a release date for The Hidden Ones, the first downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed Origins. Release dates for upcoming DLC content were also provided. Next week, Assassin’s Creed Origins players will be able to download The Hidden Ones. The Hidden Ones is a story-driven expansion which takes place four years after the […]

Dynasty Warriors 9: создание, верховая езда, информация об открытом мире и дата выхода

Further details on the open world functions Dynasty Warriors 9 were announced today alongside a release date. A release date for February was provided by Koei Tecmo today for Dynasty Warriors 9. Open-world details on the map, enemies and crafting were also provided. Players who venture “off the beaten path” outside the main story line […]

Настройки меню означают Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition позволяет вам сражаться быстрее, чем его предшественник

As well as extra content, Arcade Edition’s tweaked menus cut down on the waiting between matches. While Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is mostly being touted for how it’s a version of SF5 that now has the content that the otherwise excellent game sorely lacked at launch, it’s also making some nice quality-of-life changes to […]

Robot Cache — конкурент Steam, который позволяет игрокам продавать нежелательные игры за криптотермины

Robot Cache is a new online store for PC games that’s offering some radical changes to the current publisher-platform-player dynamic. Robot Cache is a company founded by Brian Fargo, veteran video game industry executive who’s also behind studios like inXile, and Interplay. The service claims to offer a “decentralised” marketplace where publishers get a bigger […]

Two Point Hospital — сим-игра в творчестве разработчиков тематической больницы

Theme Hospital fans will be interested in this news. We are at least. Two Point Hospital, a sim game inspired by and developed by creators of Theme Hospital, is set to arrive on Steam later this year. The team at Two Point Studios working on the game is made up of former Bullfrog, Lionhead and […]

Патч Star Wars Battlefront 2 добавляет новую карту, боевик TIE, nerfs Boba Fett

The first patch of 2018 has been released for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 players are getting a new Blast map on the planet Crait today, along with Iden Versio’s TIE fighter thanks to the latest update, patch 1.1. The new TIE fighter has been added to the roster of hero ships for Starfighter Assault. Changes have also […]

Xbox Live Deals: GTA 5, Far Cry, Rime, больше

There’s a hot list of deals on the Xbox Store this week for Gold and non-Gold players. As with every week, Xbox One hosts a sale with a rotating selection of games and add-ons. This week’s sale is live, and includes great deals on Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, LA Noire, GTA 5 and […]

Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One X-графика, сопоставимая с самыми высокими настройками ПК практически во всех областях

Forza Horizon 3 received an Xbox One X update overnight that native 4K support. This, coupled with Forza Horizon 3’s great looks and HDR support means that Xbox One X owners are in for a real treat. It also means that the Xbox One version is due for another comparison with big-boy PC graphics. The […]

Паровые игры, которые запускаются со скидкой, не могут быть частью другой продажи в течение 30 дней — отчет

Steam has offered publishers for years the ability to set a launch discount, but it appears this feature comes with a caveat. Steam launch discounts can either take place only on launch day, or last the entire first week. They’re a way to incentivise early adoption in the crucial first few days. You’ve likely seen […]

Сверху вниз стрелок Красное солнцестояние бесплатно на Humble Store

The Humble Store is offering a new free game for everyone. This week’s free game is The Red Solstice. The Red Solstice is an indie top-down, tactical shooter. You command a squad of four space marines and go on shooting alien bugs. The game supports co-op, as well as multiplayer. If you prefer to play […]

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