Создатель долины Stardew дразнит мультиплеер

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode seems to be coming along very well. Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley, has previously talked about adding multiplayer to the game on several occasions. The most recent update about the feature pegged it for a beta release early in 2018. We’re halfway through January and already Barone has more to […]

Патч Assassin’s Creed Origins добавляет поддержку расширения The Hidden Ones

Ubisoft is rolling out a new Assassin’s Creed Origins update tomorrow that’ll pave the way for the upcoming The Hidden Ones expansion. The update carries version number 1.2.0 and it’s available starting tomorrow on all platforms. It adds a new quest free for all owners of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Preparing for the launch of The […]

Battlefield 1 Prize de Tahure бесплатно для всех, пробная версия Turning Tides на этой неделе

Battlefield 1 developer DICE is kicking off the new year with a development update about some of the new content coming to the game this month and beyond. To start with, the Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure map, which has only been available to They Shall Not Pass and Premium owners, will be available for […]

Forza Horizon 3 теперь поддерживает родной 4K благодаря Xbox One X patch

Forza Horizon 3 was among the games Microsoft promised would get enhanced for Xbox One X, and it’s now time to see it in action. Forza Horizon 3 already supports HDR, but the game maxed out at 1080p on Xbox One when it first launched in 2016. Now, thanks to a new patch, Forza Horizon […]

Прошивка PS4 5.50 начнет тестирование в ближайшее время, и Sony принимает заявки

Следующее крупное обновление прошивки для PS4, версия 5.50, скоро начнет тестирование. Как и все основные обновления прошивки PS4, Sony ищет игроков, чтобы проверить возможности раньше времени. Компания не раскрыла подробности прошивки 5.50, но те, как правило, следуют через несколько дней после анонса. Для этого теста любой [& hellip;]

Судьба 2 сервера на 4 часа завтра

This week’s Destiny 2 maintenance has been scheduled. Every couple of weeks, Destiny 2 developer Bungie takes down the game’s servers to implement a new change, bring back a seasonal event, or just to fix some bugs. This week’s downtime is also taking place on a Tuesday, and it’s going to last for four hours. […]

Dark Souls Remastered PC, PS4 и Xbox Один порт, разработанный QLOC — отчет

Many crucial details were left out of the Dark Souls Remastered announcement, so reports are coming in to fill in the gaps. Ever since Namco officially announced Dark Souls Remastered for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, many of the classic game’s fans have been wondering about a number of key details the publisher neglected […]

PUBG Xbox Один патч содержит изменения в управлении, исправления резиновых обвязок

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received a patch on Friday that should make gameplay more enjoyable on Xbox One. The PUBG patch was released only for Xbox One, and it continues the optimisation push that started with the first patch. But it wasn’t just bug fixes and performance improvements. The biggest change is the addition of a new […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ открытая бета-версия великолепна, когда она действительно работает

This weekend’s Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta is the first time the public at large have been let loose on Bandai Namco’s anime fighter, and it really showed. After a previous closed beta was marred by lag, crashes and disconnects on Xbox, this time around things – sadly – didn’t go to plan on either […]

Monster Hunter World third beta: start time, content, bonuses and everything else you need to know

The third and final Monster Hunter World beta kicks off this weekend and we have all the details you need. This third beta for Monster Hunter World will take place on January 19 and run until January 22, and Capcom will gift any players a few bonuses to take part. This beta will be similar […]

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