Valve все еще работает над ремонтом Steam UI

Steam’s promised UI update is still in development, even if it seems like we should have seen something of it by now. Last year, after a new Steam UI first showed up in a client update, Valve removed it, only for the developer to bring it up in a developer-only conference it hosted in July. […]

Сериал Стивена Спилберга Halo по-прежнему находится в разработке, так же, как это было, когда мы последний раз проверяли 3 года назад

Showtime has confirmed, once again, that the Halo TV series produced by Steven Spielberg has not been cancelled. In fact, head of programming at Showtime, Gary Levine, said that “it’s still in very active development” at a recent press tour. “[It’s] still moving forward and I’m encouraged by what we’ve seen so far,” he told […]

Посмотрите вперед: что ожидать от Vainglory в январе и феврале

  Vainglory’s next two updates will usher in a new era, with the release of 5V5 Early Access and the public worldwide release in milestone Update 3.0. But there are other large changes coming to Vainglory as well, including a UI revamp, an account level cap increase, an entirely overhauled skins system and changes to skins pricing. Here is an information megapack on what to expect in the coming months. … UPDATE 2.12 & MILESTONE 3.0 PLANS Please note that Vainglory does not control the app approval process and timing, and we also always reserve the right to push back…

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Обновление 2.12 Дышит свежим воздухом в пользовательский интерфейс Vainglory

Visual Refresh When we launched Vainglory, it was just a thin glimmer of what it is today in every way. However, one thing we lost along the way as we added a robust feature set was a clarity in visual message with our front-end experience. With Update 2.12, we are taking very firm steps aiming to reclaim some of the cleanliness we all miss from those days when the game was much simpler. Some structural changes to note You now get into a match via the PLAY menu, which you get by tapping the new giant Play button in the…

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Знакомство с «Blueprints» — новая скин-система Vainglory, входящая в обновление 2.12

Update 2.12 introduces a brand-new skins-crafting system to Vainglory, delivering on one of the most-requested game features after 5V5. The new system is simpler, far easier to use and focuses players on a hunt for a single desirable collectable: skin “blueprints.” HOW THE NEW SYSTEM WORKS: Complete quests to find skin blueprints in your loot. Each skin has a unique blueprint. Unlock the skin by spending your single blueprint and the required Essence. Crafting costs vary based on the skin’s type. (Crafting a Rare skin requires the blueprint + 1000 Essence; crafting an Epic skin requires the blueprint + 2500…

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Завтра серверы Ubisoft переходят в автономный режим в течение нескольких часов

Ubisoft has announced that it’s going to take servers for multiple games offline for scheduled maintenance. The maintenance window is very long, and the number of affected games is big, but the saving grace is that the majority of them are not among the most played titles like Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, For Honor, […]

PUBG Xbox Один патч добавляет режим от первого лица, исправляет сбои

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has received a new patch on Xbox One that brings new features, and continues to smooth out frame-rate and stability. The new PUBG patch’s highlight feature is the addition of first-person support, something that was absent from the console version since launch. It’s only available in solo mode at present, but it’s a […]

Nvidia делает 65-дюймовые игровые мониторы с 4K, HDR, 120Hz и G-Sync

Nvidia has introduced a new product at CES 2018 this weekend that will bring many PC monitor-exclusive features to the big screen. Called Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs), these new 65-inch displays flaunt 4K, HDR, and run at 120Hz. G-Sync support is also included, which is expected given Nvidia’s involvement. All displays will also have […]

GeForce Now: Поток самых требовательных игр на ваш карточный ПК с бета-версией Nvidia GeForce Now

A new alternative for gamers with underpowered hardware, Nvidia’s cloud-streaming service, GeForce Now, offers solid framerates at high resolutions on the latest games via your internet connection. You can request free access to the US and EU beta over on Nvidia’s website, but because of demand there might be a bit of a delay. GeForce […]

Новый игровой процесс «Metal Gear Survive» демонстрирует базовые здания, крафтинг и слайд-слайд-зомби

Metal Gear Survive has a new gameplay trailer, showing off how crafting and base-building work in Konami’s first Metal Gear game since the high-profile departure of series creator Hideo Kojima in 2015. Released via IGN, the video starts with a bit of story before moving on to some classic third-person sneaking. We then get a […]

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