Destiny 2: местоположение и инвентарь Сюра за 5-9 января

It’s Xur’s first visit of 2018 – will he kick off the new year with something special? Amid the many changes Bungie has and continue to make to the core of Destiny 2, you can rely on Xur: Agent of the Nine to never miss a Friday. Much like other parts of Destiny 2, Xur […]

Monster Hunter World News: Вот все, что вы пропустили из сегодняшнего японского трансляции

Missed today’s Monster Hunter World live stream? Well here’s a handy video running through everything you need to know. First and foremost, a third PlayStation-exclusive beta was announced, and will start at 6PM PST on January 18 in the US and 2AM GMT on January 19 in the UK. The beta will run until 6PM […]

Call of Duty: WW2, FIFA 18, Destiny 2 top PlayStation Store download charts for 2017

The wider a presence digital games gain in the industry, the more digital charts become more and more representative of the what’s popular. The PlayStation Store, being one of the most popular digital outlets thanks to the success of PS4, drops monthly and yearly round-ups of the top most downloaded games. Sony doesn’t reveal hard […]

Ubisoft, наконец, фиксирует недельный эксплойт Rainbow Six Siege

If you played Rainbow Six Siege in the last few weeks, you’ll have no doubt seen or heard about the Jager exploit. Jager is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s operators. He carries a deployable shield by default, though it shouldn’t protect its entire body, and typically comes with a few disadvantages when deployed. By performing […]

Monster Hunter World получает еще одну бета-версию, ранние планы после запуска

Capcom has announced today that Monster Hunter World will host a third round of beta testing, just before the game officially releases later this month. The next Monster Hunter World beta, like the previous two, is PS4-exclusive. This final beta round takes place January 19-22. The upcoming beta will keep the hunts seen in the […]

PUBG-стиль битвы Royale игры настолько популярны, кто-то сделал игру, чтобы обучить вас, чтобы быть хорошим на них

PUBG, Fortnite, and H1Z1 are all very popular Battle Royale games. The sub-genre is dominating the conversation now, to the point that hero shooter Paladins is getting a Battle Royale mode. If you’re not busy cloning or expanding on PUBG’s mechanics, you’re likely trying to a more cynical approach. Yesterday, a game called Battle Royale […]

Будущие игры God of War могут основываться на мифологии Египта и Майя

Future God of War games could be based on Egyptian or Mayan cultures, according to game director Cory Barlog. After six installments based in Ancient Greece, Kratos’ latest adventure – due out on PS4 in 2018 – is themed around Norse mythology. However, it looks like the series will move on a little quicker this […]

Новые патч-аппары Overwatch PTR Nermfs Mercy’s, сотрясение мозга Джанкрата

Blizzard has rolled out a new update to the Overwatch PTR with changes to the ever-controversial Mercy, and another for Junkrat. The patch is the latest in a string of updates that aim at balancing Mercy, one of Overwatch’s most discussed (and picked) characters. Mercy’s Valkyrie ultimate has seen several changes. First, the Resurrect is […]

Ретро sci-fi shootem вверх Furi получает дату выпуска Nintendo Switch — и на следующей неделе

Lighting-quick action shoot ‘em up, Furi, is coming to the Nintendo Switch next Thursday, January 11, 2018. This news comes by way of developers The Game Bakers on Twitter, who confirmed the release date yesterday. Furi will be available on Nintendo Switch next Thursday January 11th. A content complete edition, priced 19.99$/€. — […]

Burnout Paradise HD Remaster замечен в марте в Японии — отчет

Burnout Paradise is getting a PS4 version, and it’s going to be released in Japan on March 16. Though this may seem very specific, it’s undoubtedly a sign that Burnout Paradise will see a release on new consoles all over the world around the same time. The Japanese listing was spotted by Gematsu, though only […]

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