Apple сообщает разработчикам App Store раскрывать шансы на раздачу в новых рекомендациях по обзору

Apple has updated its App Store review guidelines to include a subsection telling developers to disclose the odds of getting different types of in-game items from loot boxes in their games. This news was highlighted by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, who likened the new rules to Chinese regulations which came into force in […]

Дружелюбное напоминание о том, что Steam Winter Sale, вероятно, начинается сегодня

The last, and possibly biggest, Steam sale of the year is likely going to kick off today. Valve typically doesn’t announce Sale dates ahead of time. But, every year, someone leaks the dates for Steam’s biggest sales at some point, and you can bet the Winter/Holiday Sale is almost always included. Because Valve shares these […]

Nvidia выпускает новые готовые для игры драйверы для PUBG 1.0

If you’re getting back into PUBG with the 1.0 release, it’s probably best to download the latest GeForce drivers for your Nvidia GPU. The latest Nvidia drivers release of the year is specifically designed for PUBG’s version 1.0. Though Nvidia doesn’t mention specific improvements this time around, the company recommended downloading the new drivers if […]

Microsoft Poland случайно утешает поддержку мыши и клавиатуры для Xbox One

Microsoft Poland has seemingly announced keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One ahead of time. Though keyboard and mouse support for consoles has always been a controversial topic, Microsoft always maintained that it’s open to the idea. It now looks like Xbox One owners will be getting the feature sooner rather than later. Microsoft Poland […]

PUBG 1.0 Запуск ПК: серверы во всех регионах недоступны [Update]

The 1.0 PC launch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has not been the smoothest. At the time of writing, servers for PUBG are down in all regions. This has been the case for about an hour how, and developer PUBG Corp confirmed that it’s aware of the problem and is investigating the cause. PC servers are down […]

PUBG PC обзор: самый интересный шутер в течение многих лет поднимает то, что мы ожидаем от игр

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a groundbreaking game not just because of its unique design, but also because of how it shakes up the standards we’ve been judging games by for years. PUBG is a hard game to review. If you set aside its technical evolution from a scrappy, niche Early Access release to the much more […]

Оригинальная Battlefield: Bad Company добавлена ​​в библиотеку игр EA Access vault

The original Battlefield: Bad Company has been added to the list of “vault games” available with an EA Access subscription, according to its official Twitter account. The Xbox One-exclusive service, which costs $4.99 a month or $29.99 for an annual subscription gives access to more than 50 games, early trials of EA games five days […]

Возьмите PUBG на Xbox Сегодня, получите Titanfall 2 бесплатно

NewEgg’s got the best offer around for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One. If you’re looking for a copy of the brand new Xbox One release of this year’s biggest runaway hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG as the cool kids call it), you can head over to NewEgg today and pick up a copy for $29.99 […]

Объявлены номинанты на номинацию на Steam 2017

The most recent Steam sale let players pick the categories and games they want to see in the annual Steam Awards. Today, Valve has revealed the full list of categories and nominees for the 2017 Steam Awards. As always, don’t expect the typical genre-based nominations, as Steam likes to do these awards differently each year. […]

Новое событие зимнего города, больше событий NPC, новая коллекция и украшения, добавленные к следующему обновлению Stardew Valley

The perennially awesome Stardew Valley is getting even more content in its next update. Developer Eric Barone announced on Twitter that this latest release would add a new event for you town in winter, along with more NPC events, decorations, as well as a couple more goodies. some things I’ve added for the new content […]

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